Audio Visual Specialists 77007

Are you someone looking to find Audio Video Specialists 77007? Whether it's your personal or business-related AV system endeavors, we've got you covered here at CAS.

We only have top-notch experts here to ensure you get the proper AV services with whatever project you're working on.

Background of The Greater Houston Area

When searching for Audio Video Specialists 77007, you're certainly looking in The Greater Houston Area for proper AV system consultants.

The city of Houston, Texas, is home to 2.31 million people, according to the U.S. census bureau of 2019. Because there are so many individuals packed into this town, there's bound to be individuals, such as yourself, that are searching for proper AV consultation.

Regardless of if you're looking for production services or maybe looking to show off with a new home theater at home this summer, you don't need to worry anymore. Now that CAS is here for you, you can rest easy knowing the professionals have taken the wheel.

Who Are We At CAS?

CAS is an acronym that stands for Communications Advisory Services. We completely dedicate our talented team to ensuring total success for whatever AV system needs you're looking for.

We were founded in 1980 and are a world-class technology consultation company.

Audio Video Specialists 77007

If you want the best Audio Video Specialists 77007, then get in touch with our team today!

Here at CAS, we take on a variety of different technical disciplines and services. We take quite the independent approach and act solely as a trusted advisor to our customers, like you.

It's understandable that technological progressions can lead you to be overwhelmed. So, why not allow us to take over for you? We've gotten our beginning in the UK and have been on a roll ever since.

There's no reason to put off finding Audio Video Specialists 77007 any longer.

Our Market Sectors Range

You may be wondering if you really need an audiovisual consultant. If you have any technology, audiovisual needs in the following areas, it is optimal to get a consultant to help you figure it out best:

  • Finances and Banking
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Retail and Manufacturing
  • Insurance and Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Of course, these are genuinely very different fields we can cover. What's more, we don't just take care of your audio visual media concerns; but trading turret systems and data centers and clouds.

That's right; we do a lot in the technology arenas; just some examples include:

  • Voice Recording Platforms
  • Trader Voice Systems
  • IP Telephony
  • Unified Communications
  • Cisco, Nortel, Avaya
  • BT IP Trade
  • Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Telecommunications
  • Networks & Routing
  • Data Centers
  • RedBox Voice Recorders
  • NICE Voice Recording
  • Room Wizard
  • Audio Visual
  • Streaming Media
  • Archival & Data Lake
  • Mobile Voice Recording
  • Voice Analytics

And there are so much more than this! We work side-by-side with many systems, software, solutions, and hardware from big-named companies.

We've been in service for nearly thirty years, after all, so why wouldn't we be the best to go to for consulting needs? Audio Video Specialists 77007 are now discovered through us at CAS.

Trading Turret Systems: A Deep Dive

Using Standards, Operation Process Review, and Onsite Support, we find the best solutions for our clients.

Audio Video Specialists 77007

Our team members are entirely dedicated to your AV success!

Our team is able to think on a vast plane to apply certain techniques to a business process that will enhance your business.

Some of these include voice recording systems and hosted on-premise systems.

Voice Recording Systems

We here at CAS have in-depth and concise experience. Additionally,  that paired with many large technology projects under our belt of reviewing, documenting, and capturing a business process makes us the best in business.

CAS is highly familiarized with voice recording software, services, technologies, and companies. We continue to work with certain vendors in the search for solutions that our clients deserve.

Certain provisions include 2N and N+1 voice recording designs that carry a greater experience in CTI active and SPAN passive recording technology and equipment.

Voice Analytics and Voice Archiving

We understand here at CAS the crucial reasoning of complying with the trading business. CAS works in very close relations to voice recording systems, services, technologies, and companies.

Audio Video Specialists 77007

CAS is your local Audio Video Specialists 77007

There is a level of expertise that includes the delivery of voice analytics platforms on a global level. Not all AV consulting companies can promise you the same!

Furthermore, our expertise expands to system language packs, transcription, tuning, and voice archival solutions. We strive to work until our client's solutions are met, no matter what they are.

Big or small, we certainly promise to deliver with our talented and knowledgeable AV consultant team.

Data Centers and Clouds: Another Deep Dive

We have you covered at all possible angles, no matter what arena. No matter if it's for Training Rooms, WebCasts, Control Systems, Automation & Programing, or Conference Rooms, we have your back.

Unfortunately, it's the sad truth that many companies or projects cannot reach their fullest potential. This is due to configuration issues or programming problems that could easily be solved if you hired an AV consultant or specialist like us.

It is entirely necessary to have proper programming if you want to run a successful business or project. You need this for gaining user confidence, ensuring full customer satisfaction, completing profitable projects, and the promotion of future relationships.

In our audio video support service, you'll find that it fits almost all of our client's needs and their vast requirements on a technology-oriented scale.

Here at CAS, we've had our talented engineers work on some of the most complicated and multiplex AV deployments within all of the nation. We've designed as well as programmed many control platforms for emergency operation centers.

But that's not all; we've also designed these platforms for network operation centers, command & control facilities, and meeting spaces for a large range of military and civilian customers.

To Conclude

At the end of the day, why would you want to mess with your own AV programs and projects when you could find a professional to help you get it figured out the right way?

No matter if it's personal or business-related, small or big, we've got your project covered. We have a plethora of resources and brilliant team members that work for us at CAS who would love to help figure out a system for you!

Why don't you give us a call today and see when we could set up an appointment to discuss potential AV solutions with you, (713)-236-7771.

Don't wait; get the perfect Audio Video Specialists 77007 for yourself right here at CAS.

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houstonians go out to eat more than any other city population.
  • The size of Houston is exactly 665 square miles.
  • In 1994 and 1995 the Houston Rockets won the NBA Championship.
  • For more fun facts please visit their official page.

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