Audio Visual Consultant 77003

If you're searching Houston, Texas, for an audio visual consultant 77003, give Communications Advisory Service (CAS) a call. Our expert audio visual engineers design creative solutions for conference rooms, trade centers, command and control centers, data centers, and more.

What does an audio visual consultant do?

Audio visual (AV) consultants specialize in designing and fixing sound and video systems. They create state-of-the-art conference rooms, training rooms, data centers, trade floors, command and control centers, and more.

Who do AV consultants serve?

You'll find technology consultants anywhere with a sound and video system! They serve multiple fields, including education, health, business, trade companies, call centers, and more.

audio visual consultant 77003

AV consultants work on sound and video systems for conferencing rooms, trade floors, and more


Hospitals and doctors are moving towards digital solutions such as virtual appointments and waiting room entertainment now more than ever.

Virtual appointments

The dawn of the virtual appointment has come. For many patients, this is a long time coming. They may have work hours that don't allow them to catch an in-person visit, or they have a lot of anxiety when at a doctor's office.

However, virtual appointments bring a special challenge. Firstly, doctors need to have a stable and clear virtual call experience and must be able to document the visit. In addition, patient confidentiality rules are strict, so the technology needs to ensure the information is kept secure.

An audio visual consultant 77003 can design a system that is both secure and reliable. Some patients have never been happier.

Patient waiting areas

Let's be honest: patient waiting rooms can be very boring. That's probably why most people whip out their phones. However, health practitioners are supposed to discourage patients from using a phone because it could break patient confidentiality laws.

That's where audio-visual technology can come in handy. Many doctor's offices are putting televisions in their waiting rooms.

Most of the time, the channels are more for entertainment. However, many offices use the television to provide educational health information to patients.

An audio visual consultant can help doctors upgrade their waiting rooms to include new TV systems. Design is important. The television must be loud enough for everyone to hear but quiet enough to give team members or patients who don't want to hear the morning soap opera peace and quiet.


Today's kids are using smart devices by the time they turn 1. In fact, there are 4-year-olds helping grandparents resolve smartphone problems! So, schools are well aware they need to step up their technology game.

Audio visual consultants often receive requests for help with:

  • Smartboards--Yellow screen projectors are a thing of the past. Today's kids don't want to see them. We didn't either.
  • Digital projectors--Though not as fancy as a smartboard, a laptop projection system is the next best thing.
  • Speaker systems--We don't need giant microphones or static anymore. We have many clearer, less bulky options.
  • PA systems--Some schools have gone as far as eliminating the wall PA and switching to televised announcements. That's much fancier than what most schools can afford, but it's available. Most schools upgrade to a more modern system that includes digital bell sounds and clearer reception.

However, most schools are on a strict budget. So, it's not easy for them to choose the right upgrades. Audio visual consultants can help schools select the right upgrades for their budget.


audio visual consultant 77003

Get help from an AV consultant to optimize your video conferencing system

Meeting rooms

Those pesky video conferencing calls are an almost universal pain point around the office. It's a dreaded experience for many team members. No one likes to struggle to hear someone on the other line or deal with a lagging video.

Then there are the projector moments when the projector refuses to...project.

While many businesses continue to put up with poor audio and video quality in conference rooms, they don't have to. An expert AV technician can resolve almost all those problems.


A new fad in offices is muffling coworkers. If your coworker is on a conference call, you'll hear it all. Goodbye, confidentiality.

However, audio visual consulting companies can install soundproofing to reduce noise pollution. That way, you won't know if your coworker is hosting a call—a peaceful, calm work environment.

Trade floors and call centers

Both trade floors and command and control centers need a clear, rapid, and stable communication system. However, they also have more complex AV needs.

For example, one of the most critical components in the trade and call center industry is secure databasing. For trade centers, this means the team members can database all transaction details. On the call center side, this means all audio is recorded clearly and stored safely.

An AV expert excels in this department. They design, program, and implement complex AV systems that control centers and trade floors need.

Further, they transfer users to the new system without interrupting their current service. Talk about magicians!

Who is the best Houston audio visual consultant 77003?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an audio video consulting firm. Here are some basic traits a phenomenal AV firm should have:

Experience: The best technology consulting groups do more than just audio visual work for conference rooms. They have engineers that can design and develop complex systems, such as those for trade floors or command and control centers.

Project management: Your AV consultant should take the lead. They should have one designated project manager who will contact vendors for you and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Flexibility: Your company is unique like everyone else. In all seriousness, your company needs a solution that perfectly matches your internal standards. So, the consultant must be willing to work with your internal IT organization.

Follow up: Once your new system is live, your consultant should regularly check-in to make sure your solution is exactly how you want it. Further, they should offer a maintenance plan to make sure your system always works its best.

audio visual consultant 77003

Call CAS for the best audio visual consultant 77003

Choose CAS for the best AV solutions

We create custom solutions for conference rooms, training rooms, trade floors, command and control centers, data centers, and more. Our engineers have worked on multiple high-profile projects.

At CAS, we strive for excellence. To achieve this, we will manage every aspect of your project exactly how you want it. From basic designing to full implementation, our engineers will give you excellent service.

The next time you're searching for Houston's best audio visual consultant 77003, we hope you'll choose CAS.

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