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Providing End-to-End services through all the stages 
of planning, implementation, migration, operation, and support. 
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Are you having issues 
with your complicated AV systems? 

Are you struggling to set up systems
because of physical issues in the space?

We have extensive experience designing and creating AV solutions for trade floors, command & control centers, training rooms, video conferencing, webinars, and complex spaces. Our team of expert professionals design quality solutions tailored to our clients existing systems and strategies.

Our Approach

At CAS, we approach every project by examining your business and user requirements. Our team then carefully reviews your goals and requirements to create your tailored solution. In addition, we will provide a thorough evaluation of your company's current process and clearly identify the opportunities to enhance your work principles.

We will work seamlessly with your departments, so you can rest assured that your project will meet your organization's internal standards. Once your new system is ready, we'll personally implement it and ensure your business has everything it needs to succeed.

We provide clients with end-to-end services for all projects. Our experts will be with you from planning to post-production support and everywhere in between.

AV Specialist Areas

At CAS, we believe in providing complete lifecycle care. We work across multiple industries and have experts in many fields. We're more than just your average AV consultant--we're a team of experts in engineering, compliance, programming, IT, automation, and more.

We've created state-of-the-art systems for:

  • Conference & Meeting Rooms
  • Trade Floors
  • Data Centers
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Special Events
  • IT Floors

In addition, our team has years of experience performing:

  • Project Management
  • Audits & Compliance Documents
  • User Testing
  • Requests for Information/Proposal
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Programming & Automation Finalization/Realization
  • IT Relocation & User Migration

CAS AV Service Engagement


Discover Your Goals

CAS believes finding the right solutions for our clients begins with listening. At our initial consultation, we'll go over your internal standards and discuss the approach for project management, on-site support, and operational process review.


Select Service Options

We offer comprehensive telecommunications solutions, from AV design and programming to special events, IT structure, and beyond. We categorize our service into two categories: Project and Operations.

Project services design, developing, programming, and implementing new communication system solutions. We provide an end-to-end service, so we'll be there from the planning and compliance documentation to live release and beyond.

Operation services include troubleshooting support, preventative maintenance, special event planning, and more.


Receive Your Fast Estimate & Proposal

CAS understands it's critical that we resolve communication system issues quickly. In addition, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their project goals at an affordable cost. That's why we offer estimates with clear and concise proposals, so you know precisely what you're getting from our audio-visual services.


Begin Your Project & Provide Status Reports

We guarantee prompt delivery for all our advisory, support, and project services. In addition, we document all work and will give you a weekly or bi-weekly summary of your project's status.

AV Solutions for the Greater Houston Area

Audio Visual systems are utilized for a range of projects and across multiple industries. We strive to deliver custom solutions that exceed our client's goals and expectations.

Investing in a designer audio-video system gives you more than just a high-class audio-visual system--it optimizes your workflow, brings your team closer together, and standardizes your IT costs.

When you choose CAS, you choose innovative leaders. Our audio-visual designers and consultants will guide you from project start to finish and provide you with only the best solution out there. We tackle blueprints, electrical specs, and network diagrams and keep your team up to date with our work so you remain fully informed on the operation of your new AV system.

We are proud to be your Houston, Texas AV experts!

Customer Feedback

  • These guys helped me with my live production. I can honestly say I am impressed by their hard work, they were on time, focused and got the job done in a timely manner!
    - Josh
  • Extraordinary customer service, technical expertise, and professionalism.
  • I have found that our experience working with CAS over the past several years,
    as brought our events to the next level.

    - Casey
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