Audio Visual Engineer 77007

If you're searching for the best Houston, TX audio visual engineer 77007, call the experts at Communications Advisory Service. We have years of experience creating tailored audio video solutions for conference rooms, command and control systems, trade floors, data centers, and more.

What do audio visual engineers do?

Audio visual engineers specialize in repairing, creating, and developing sound and video control systems. Usually, they work at consulting firms and serve many industries such as healthcare, education, business, law, and more.

audio visual engineer 77007

AV consultants help design, develop, and implement sound and video equipment for conference rooms, trade floors, and more.

Types of projects

AV specialists are the jack of all trades when it comes to sound and video systems. They can work on something as basic as speaker and projectors systems or something as advanced as a trade floor.

Conference rooms

Video conferencing calls can be the bane of a company's existence. Static, flickering projectors, and horrible lag can make for a long, unproductive meeting. Even worse, these issues can happen in the middle of an important client meeting.

While many companies think that they have to put up with poor audio and video quality, the reality is they don't. In fact, an AV expert can fix most sound and video problems.

They can also help redesign a conference room's current AV system or craft a new audio visual system for a freshly constructed room. Further, consulting companies can have their engineers begin meetings for you, so you're always starting on time.

Training rooms

We all know how important training is for new hires. Educating team members about their new roles is critical. However, it can be costly even when the training goes as planned.

If the video and sound equipment fails during training, there could be a huge delay. Sometimes it can take hours to repair a broken audio visual system. Unless you hire an AV engineer.

A technology consulting company can do more than fix the equipment, though. They really excel at developing new systems based on your room's layout. AV consultants are up to date on the latest market options and know common pain points in training rooms.

audio visual engineer 77007

Trade floors need complex audio visual systems.

Trade systems

When you picture a trade floor, the first image that comes to mind is probably Wallstreet. It's busy and chaotic, yet amazing all at once. But to create a flawless system is no small order.

Trade systems have unique needs. They must have a clear and reliable connection, as well as databasing capabilities. Team members must be able to document all transition details and audio recordings and enter them into a secure database.

An AV engineer can design, develop, and implement advanced AV systems like those used on trade floors. The consulting firm will meet with clients to determine their exact needs and create a unique solution.

Command and control centers

Probably the most dramatic example of a control center is the emergency call line. When you dial 911, you know you'll have a clear, reliable connection. However, there's more going on behind the scenes.

Of course, an operator must maintain the connection to the caller, but the operator must also be able to notify dispatch of your emergency while remaining on the line with you. Further, for legal reasons, they have to securely database audio recordings.

As with customized trade floors, an audio visual engineer 77007 can easily create advanced command and control centers. Since no two companies are the same, they tailor each solution to fit a company's needs.

School sound and video upgrades

Technology is well past yellow projectors and ginormous microphones, and teachers know it. However, with a tight budget, many schools think system upgrades are out of the question.

The reality is, those upgrades can be within budget. AV technicians can help schools find the right audio and visual components at an affordable price. Schools often choose upgrades such as:

  • Smartboards
  • Digital projectors
  • In-room telephone systems
  • PA systems
  • Gym/auditorium sound and mic system

Digital signage

Many companies and schools are looking for better ways to catch attention. Digital billboards and signs are one of the quickest ways to turn heads. With moving text and images, people often can't not take a second glance.

Audio visual engineers install digital signage solutions for companies and schools. Schools often put digital signs in front of a popular building and use them for announcements, reminders, and awards.

Companies use digital billboards for marketing and often place them near freeways. However, many businesses also use digital signs outside their building for company advertising.


The healthcare industry often asks AV engineers for help creating systems that enable virtual appointments. In addition, many doctors add TVs to their waiting rooms.

With the dawn of COVID, the virtual appointment went from dream to reality. More patients were pushed to have appointments at home, especially if they were had COVID symptoms. However, many people prefer the convenience and comfort that virtual appointments bring.

Doctors are also working to improve their waiting rooms. The industry is well aware that most people are no longer interested in perusing waiting-room magazines and posters. Further, studies suggest that patients may become more anxious just by reading the posters and paper flyers.

So, many doctors are installing televisions in their waiting rooms. Doctors use TVs for entertainment purposes, such as having patients catch up on the latest soap opera or telenovela or as a way to provide educational information, reminders, and announcements.

An AV specialist can help doctors set up TVs in the waiting room and sound and audio systems that support virtual visits. Doctors prefer using a large screen for virtual visits so they can easily see the patient. TV systems in the waiting room may need a cable design or connection to a computer projector to provide educational information.

Finally, any sound systems placed in the doctor's office need to be at an appropriate volume. Sound needs to be muffled for virtual visits so that doctors can maintain patient confidentiality. On the other hand, the audio video equipment in the waiting room should be easily heard but not too loud.

audio visual engineer 77007

CAS is Houston's best audio visual engineer 77007 service.

CAS is your audio visual engineer 77007

We have years of experience designing, developing, and implementing creative solutions for many high-profile projects. Our engineers can craft audio visual systems for conference rooms, but they can also develop tailored solutions for complex systems such as trade floors and command and control centers.

The next time you're looking for the best audio visual engineer 77007, we hope you'll choose the experts at CAS.

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