Audio Visual Engineer Downtown

If you're searching for Houston's top audio visual engineer downtown, give CAS a call. Our audiovisual technicians are experts in designing, developing, and implements state-of-the-art technology. From video conferencing rooms to command and control centers, we will provide your company a creative solution.

audio visual engineer downtown

AV engineers design and fix sound and video systems for multiple industries

What do audiovisual engineers do?

Audiovisual (AV) engineers specialize in resolving problems or potential problems with video and sound equipment. Usually, they are part of a technology consulting firm.

You'll often find engineers working on designing equipment for conference rooms, training rooms, command and control centers, and trade systems. In addition, many consultants perform data buildouts and cloud services.

Conference rooms

There is nothing worse than having to suffer through sound and audio problems during a video conference. Constant static, lagging video, flickering projectors, and low volume make for a miserable and unproductive experience. You may have to repeat yourself or try to come up with clever things to say during awkward silences.

Many clients think that struggles with audio-visual equipment are just something that you have to deal with. However, the truth is you don't. An audiovisual expert can resolve almost all equipment problems.

Reasons you may be having painful conference calls include:

Multiple AV systems

It isn't easy to find audio-visual technology that has all the features your company needs. However, when everyone uses a  different system, the chances of your AV system failing are much higher. AV engineers can migrate your team to the same system.

Broken components

You'll notice broken cords that are staring you in the face. However, we usually tuck away wires and cables to prevent tripping hazards and make the room look neater. An audiovisual technician can identify and replace broken cords in a heartbeat.

audio visual engineer downtown

Video conferencing doesn't have to be painful. Hire an AV consultant to get your meetings back on track

Outdated software

AV systems need regular maintenance, just like your car, AC unit, and other standard technology. However, many companies struggle to find the time to update or repair their system.

Your local AV technician can perform routine maintenance for you, so your equipment will work when you need it most. In addition, they will let you know when it's time to upgrade your system.

Training rooms

Sound and video quality are crucial during training meetings. Unfortunately, video and sound systems seem to be constantly causing trouble. The projector goes on strike, or the speaker system quits its day job.

Enter the AV consultants. They evaluate a training room's design and identify and install the optimum equipment for the room. When the equipment is tailored to your room, your trainees won't struggle with mic volume, lost video, and other technology delays.

Command and control

What is a command and control center? One of the most common examples is the emergency call line. When you dial 911, you reach the command and control center for dispatch services.

Command and control centers like the emergency call line need a very tailored system. It takes creative problem solvers to come up with the best solution.

The call center will need a clear, reliable connection to the caller and first responder. In addition, the center must be able to inform first responders of the caller's location while remaining phone with the caller. Finally, the command team must database all audio recordings.

AV consultants can design the perfect solution for your command and control center. Their product team knows the appropriate hardware and software that you'll need. They'll design, program, and implement a creative solution without disrupting your current service.

Trade systems

Trading centers need a lot of the same functions as command and control centers. For example, call clarity and reliability are crucial. Further, trade companies need to database audio and record transition details.

Completing such tasks requires a sophisticated AV system. An AV consultant is more than up to the task. They design, program, and implement your database and audio video equipment.

What should I look for in an audiovisual engineer downtown?

To find the best audiovisual engineer, you should first find the best consulting company. Technology consultants can perform a broad range of tasks. The more services they provide, the more knowledgeable your audiovisual engineer will be.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an AV consulting company.


Technology consulting companies should have extensive experience in multiple areas, not just a single focused area. Why?

These days, one device is used for multiple applications. If your AV equipment fits only one part of your company's needs, it's not worth the investment. An experienced AV engineer will know what to look for when selecting the best solution for you.

Project management

Your audiovisual consultant should be very flexible, but they should also offer complete project management. Some companies only want an engineer to design their solution. Other companies need a consultant to design, develop, and implement their project.

In addition, the consultant must be a team player. They should be happy to work with your IT organization if requested.

Further, who will lead the project? Not all companies assign just one audiovisual engineer downtown to your project. Also, will you have to call outside vendors, or will the consulting company take care of that?


The final area to consider is how the consulting firm plans to carry out your solution. The best engineers know how to take your solution to live without disrupting your service.

Further, the company should keep in touch with you post-production. They should offer a maintenance program and make sure your solution remains optimal.

audio visual engineer downtown

From simple upgrades to complex designs, call the experts at CAS and get the best Houston audio visual engineer downtown

Choose CAS for your AV projects

Communications Advisory Service (CAS) offers high-quality solutions for audiovisual and IT consultations. We provide complete technology consulting services. From essential maintenance to audiovisual upgrades to data center buildouts, our expert engineers can handle it.

Our audio-visual technicians have considerable experience in multiple areas. We have created and implemented designer conference rooms, training centers, trade floors, command and control centers, and more.

The next time you're looking for Houston's best audiovisual engineer downtown, we hope you'll give CAS a call.

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