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Our team of expert telecommunications service professionals build quality solutions, tailored to our clients existing systems and strategies

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As a long established, fast growing telecoms consultancy, we constantly make use of the services of expert consultants on a contract basis. So over the years we have not only provided unique opportunities to professionals from different fields, we have also inherited the knowledge, experience and expertise of those dedicated members of our team.

We wouldn’t have made it up to this point without them, and we believe only by incorporating the enhanced cooperation of more experts can we continue to grow to exceedingly high levels of professionalism.

If you’re looking for a company that believes in no ceiling then get ready to advance your career and make sure you bring with you a genuine drive to succeed.

At CAS, we make sure only the best candidates are chosen with careful selection methods. Don’t be alarmed though, our interviewing and assessments only serve to prove that you have what it takes to help us along on our path.

We are always looking for top calibre consultants. We have to if we wish to realize our far-reaching vision. And we are only as strong as the team that binds us together at any given time.

Qualified consultants are automatically placed into our talent pool which we update on a regular basis.

Previous assignments have included, but are not limited to the following specializations: Project Management, Network Architecture, Audio & Visual Management, Mobile Device Recording. Compliance Management, Trading Floor Voice Specialists and Subject Matter Experts.

If you feel your area of expertise will be of value to our endeavors as well as your own, be sure to submit your CV online and we look forward to meeting you.

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Thank you for considering career opportunities at Communications Advisory Service USA Inc.


Please note that by submitting your details to Communications Advisory Service Inc. for the purpose of this application you agree that Communications Advisory Service Inc. will store your details in line with the Data Protection Act and utilize the details provided to process and make contact with you about any applications made as well as any future opportunities that we feel might be suitable.

Upon completion of the application process for the roles you have applies, should you wish to opt out of future communications or have your details removed from Communications Advisory Service Inc. systems, please advise us of this by emailing [email protected].

Thank you for considering career opportunities at Communications Advisory Service USA Inc.
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