Cost Savings for AV Services

Quality systems and cost savings for AV services don't always come hand-in-hand. Audio-visual systems (AV systems) are a necessary part of a business' multimedia structure. They're essential for trade floors, company meetings, training sessions, special events, and other projects.

But how do you know you've found yourself an excellent system? No one will say a word about it. However, if your system has unfocused images or shoddy sound quality, you'll never hear the end of it. If your system doesn't make it easy for your team members to hook up and get working, productivity can take a hit.

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An excellent and seamless audiovisual system won't get any complaints.

Why Hire AV Consultants?

Let’s look at a typical scenario for AV procurement:

Customer engages with Integrator:

  • Obtain for design, equipment, installation, programming, commissioning, training, move into operation.
  • Integrator makes the choice of equipment supplier, typical mark-up by 30%
  • The final solution may not meet customer requirements
  • One-stop-shop and price for all items

What are the process and benefits of working with CASAV Consultants?

  •  CAS works with customers for the best design to suit business and user requirements.
  • CAS creates specifications and bill of materials for the supply and installation
  • CAS works with customers to choose the most suitable supplier/integrator.
  • CAS manages supplier and installation to ensure standards are adhered to
  • CAS carries out programming, commissioning, training, and moves into operation.
Cost Savings for AV Services

Call today to see how our Cost Savings for AV Services can help you.

Resulting Benefits of Working with CAS

CAS creates additional value by ensuring the AV solution meets customer needs, performs the services element in an independent manner, acting as a trusted advisor for customers.

 Customer pays a significantly lower, overall fee – comparable saving is 30-40%

The AV solution you need will depend on what your business needs, and therefore can differ from other systems. Once you figure out a system design, then you can start budgeting. For example, you may want to consider layout, audience size, equipment flexibility (like retractable screens or projectors that lower), or the space a presenter can stand or walk around in.

Our AV designers can help with this issue. By discussing with you from the start, they can design a system that'll work seamlessly with your business standards and practices. With our advice, you also won't have to worry about accidentally getting the equipment you don't need. Not to mention, we can offer you state-of-the-art systems and up-to-date technology.

We can also provide services for events. Planning video conferences can already be an issue by itself, but planning events can be even more overwhelming. CAS's consultants can meet with you and offer solutions for your webinars, webcasts, broadcasts, live recordings, and etc., on your budget. This way, you'll have AV services and experts you can trust without having to use your venue's in-house staff.

Why Communications Advisory Service

With over 30 years of experience, the AV consultants with CAS can help design or build your AV system that'll comply with your business' standards. And after we implement everything, we'll still be around to help with troubleshooting support, maintenance, and more

Call today to schedule an appointment with our consultants. We offer same-day estimates with concise proposals, so you know what you'll be getting from our services. Like our solutions can be cost savings for AV services for you, let CAS be your expert for your AV troubles.


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