Five Benefits of Attending InfoComm 2022

InfoComm 2022 is the most anticipated event of the year for audiovisual professionals. This year, the conference will highlight the latest innovations in the AV industry and will include cutting-edge product demos, professional workshops, and immersive audiovisual exhibits.

InfoComm 2022 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 4-10. Training workshops will last from June 4-10, and the audiovisual exhibits will last from June 8-10. If you're still on the fence about attending, CAS offers a few points to consider. Continue reading to discover five benefits of attending InfoComm 2022!

Five Benefits of Attending InfoComm 2022

5 Benefits of Attending InfoComm 2022

InfoComm 2022 offers countless ways to grow professionally!

InfoComm 2022 offers numerous opportunities to grow as an AV professional. You'll get to check out the latest products and technology, learn new skills, and meet other professionals who share your passion for audiovisual communication. Read on to explore the five benefits of attending InfoComm 2022 in greater detail!

See the Latest Products

As an audiovisual professional, you likely work with many different tools in a diverse range of settings. Therefore, staying aware of the latest AV trends is critical for professionals who hope to adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape. When you attend InfoComm 2022, you'll get to see incredible product demonstrations that highlight the most cutting-edge advancements in the AV field. As a result, you'll leave with a new perspective on your professional toolbox and our team can utilize the next generation of audiovisual technology.

Grow Your Professional Network

One of the practical perks of attending a large event like InfoComm is that you'll never be short of networking opportunities. As a result, you'll have several days to form new connections that may help you expand your knowledge and grow in your career. Additionally, you'll get to bond with your fellow InfoComm attendees over your passion for audiovisual solutions!

Acquire New Skills and Strategies

This year's InfoComm will feature a broad range of workshops that explore various aspects of the AV field. For example, you can enroll in a three-day course about design thinking, or you can attend a premium workshop about streaming with remote guests. Wherever your interests lie within the AV field, this year's InfoComm has something for you!

Earn Your CTS Credential

In addition to hands-on workshops, InfoComm 2022 offers AVIXA's Certified Technology Specialistâ„¢ program. The CTS certification is the most highly-sought credential in the professional audiovisual world. If you've considered attaining your CTS, this year's InfoComm will offer onsite testing where you can finally earn your certification! You can also attend a CTS prep course where you'll prepare for your exam with an instructor.

Attend Manufacturer's Training

Do you wish you could pick the brains of the people who designed your favorite tools and products? At InfoComm 2022, you'll get in-depth training from the companies that designed the products you use every day. As a result, you can expect to leave with a better understanding of your tools and how they work. Additionally, you'll feel more confident in your ability to apply your AV solutions in meaningful, relevant ways!

Get to Know Your Industry at InfoComm 2022

Five Benefits of Attending InfoComm 2022

CAS can handle all of your audiovisual needs.

InfoComm 2022 will showcase the audiovisual industry's most impressive innovations. Additionally, the event will empower AV professionals like you to expand their skills and stay informed about industry trends.

CAS is a leading audiovisual consultant in Houston, TX. To learn more about their AV solutions, call or visit their office today!

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