Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer

The best Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer services can be found at the foot of our doors, at CAS!

CAS, otherwise known as Communications Advisory Services,  is your one-stop shop for all things, including AV system design and much more. The summers coming up relatively fast, so why hold off getting the most out of your business plan and increasing foot traffic to your company?

History of Houston

The scenic town of Houston, Texas, is certainly a large one. With a population report in 2019 of 2.31 million according to the census bureau, that sure does mean a lot of folks!

These are folks who will, without a shadow of a doubt, be interested in building their business up to its fullest potential.

Why Go With Us?

While there are plenty of folks in Houston who need AV services and more, there are also as many companies ready to help these said people. However, not all of these technology consulting companies are the same.

Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer

Our experts here at CAS know what AV solutions are best for you.

Here at CAS, we cover a wide variety of services and disciplines in regards to technology. Our approach and sheer determination to perform as a trusted advisory to our clients are what draws us separately from the crowd. Your Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer hunting can grind to a halt with us at CAS.

Our Variety of Market Sectors

Our presence is significantly expanded across a global scale. From the UK to the US, we cover a broad spectrum of market sectors.

We take exceptional pride in concentrating our talents on the details of whatever assignment we have; while at the same time keeping our client's core strategy within eyesight.

Having such a solid firm understanding of total business requirements and creating via a personal and long-term relationship with our clients is what ensures CAS's complete success. We will always offer impartial and professional expert advice to you.

We could be the dream team for you if you run a company fields that has a few of the following in its arena of expertise:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Finance and Banking
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Retail & Manufacturing
  • Insurance & Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Education

With such a broad network of different specialties, there's no Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer on our team that can't take on the job!

Furthermore, we have an awe-inspiring client list. This demonstrates just how good of a company we are to our clients; some names include:

  • BP Chemicals
  • BP Americas
  • BP E&P (HPC)
  • Chevron
  • Texaco
  • Constellation Energy
  • Duke Energy
  • Energy Industries Council
  • Enron Corporation
  • Innovene
  • PJM Interconnection
  • Nynas USA
  • Reliant Energy
  • Reliant Resources Inc.
  • KPMG
  • Enron Broadband Services
  • Trilliant Technology Corp.
  • Santos USA
  • Mens Warehouse
  • INS Consulting
  • Quickcomm
  • IPC Information Systems
  • Coppergate International
  • Office Pavillion
  • Laraby Financial Group
  • Hawicz & Stait
  • CRBE Richard Ellis

With such a vast amount of professional clients we take on, we certainly can handle whatever project you want to hurl at us. After all, 70% of our business comes directly from client referrals.

Our List of Services Provided Are Unbeatable

Another fantastic reason why Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer searching can be finally finished with our company CAS?

Why the number of expert services we have to offer you and your business. We do a lot of different audiovisual consulting, such as:

Of course, some of these specialties may not be of use to your company; it certainly depends on what exactly your company does and what independent goals you have.

Audio Visual Media: A Deep Dive

For starters, let's discuss the audiovisual media aspect and our services therein. Our team of CAS employees is top-notch audio visual AMX and Crestron premiers.

Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer

Don't wait, call CAS for your media concerns today!

They work exceptionally hard to make certain a reliable and concise enterprise solution is found for your company. It is imperative that you know as a business just what sorts of technologies and system manufacturer types work for you in your AV solution-building endeavors.

There are different sectors of this bracket, so we'll do a small deep dive into each to further discover what makes CAS so much better than the rest.

Video Conference & Telepresence

At CAS, we offer up audio and visual services to design, plan thoroughly, and create intense conferencing options for all our clients. Also, we are fully supportive of the variety of AV manufacturer's equipment to figure out what will provide optimal quality in deliverance to your system.

Control Systems

We have the best-of-the-best engineers available to you to work on some of the biggest, most intricate AV systems in all the country.

Emergency operation centers, network operation centers, control & command facilities, as well as meeting spaces for military personal are all a couple of different people we've designed AV systems for.

Automation & Programming

There are tons of projects that never will reach their fullest potential because of issues configuring and programming. These are solutions that may be easily fixed for profitable projects if you seek out the proper consultation.

Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer

You know who to contact when you need efficient and effective AV services in the Houston area!

You must have correct programming to ensure complete satisfaction from customers and to ensure future relationships; meanwhile maintaining a good reputation as a business.

When it comes to design, we offer quite a large amount of services that will make your AV experience the most appealing your brand's target customers have ever seen.

What's more, we will develop the proper codes to support your programming standards. Over time, we have developed mass amounts of code for conference room deployment, meaning your costs and experience will consist across your organization. Plus, positive customer experience is bound to increase.


Why would you want to waste money and time on an AV company you aren't entirely sure about? Furthermore, there's no point in owning a business if you can't properly increase customer's foot traffic?

With summer on its way here, there should be no question whether or not you should amp up the beef when it comes to your business!

While you may have knowledge of a lot of audiovisual consultant-oriented accents, you're not a professional. The internet and technology that help keep it flowing are constantly changing, so bring in the experts who know how to handle it.

Give us a buzz to set up a scheduled appointment today, (713)-236-7771. Finding a perfect Houston TX Audio Visual Engineer for your business can now be done at CAS!

Fun Facts About Houston

  • The large city of Houston is the fourth most populated city within the entire nation.
  • Harris County within Houston is the most populous county in all of the U.S.
  • The size of Houston is 665 square miles.
  • For more fun and interesting facts about Houston, please visit their official website.

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