Houston TX Conference Room AV

CAS Inc. is your Houston TX Conference Room AV designer. Since 2000, our experts have been providing excellent technology and audio-visual solutions for conference room setups everywhere. Our wide range of services will meet your needs, and we know you will be satisfied with the results.

All effective workspaces should have a conference room space where teams can gather for in-person and virtual meetings. To ensure that these spaces facilitate effective and productive activity, they must have equipment that is up to date and works every time. Whether it's a gathering for a serious decision meeting or a friendly social lunch, the right technology will make or break the mood of those meetings.

Components of a Great Conference Room

Houston TX Conference Room AV

Houston TX Conference Room AV

There are many different ways you can equip your Houston TX Conference Room AV that will help make it a productive workspace. Above all, making sure your equipment works at all times is essential to facilitating a smooth meeting process.

The last thing you want is for your equipment to shut down in the middle of an important virtual meeting! If you have concerns about your equipment or just want to upgrade to more reliable technology, give CAS a call.

We have been servicing the Houston, Texas community for over twenty years, providing services that help you create a better workspace for you and your team. From software updates to equipment maintenance, we have you covered.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an essential feature of every modern conference room. In the era of a pandemic, more employees than ever are working from home. This means they must have access to exceptional technology that allows them to have face-to-face virtual meetings with constituents.

As we all begin to return to a physical office and once again be surrounded by coworkers, there are still times when video conferencing will take precedence over an in-person meeting. When that happens, reliable technology is a must.

CAS helps you select your AV equipment, install it, and maintain it. Furthermore, if you have a mix of outdated and modern equipment, we can streamline the cables and hardware you need to make them work together. Our team has years of experience engineering conference rooms that utilize reliable technology.

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, CAS has your back. Our team is on call for you, so whether you need assistance starting up your AV system or streaming a video conference call, we can help. Let our engineers and technology experts outfit your conference room so that you never have to worry about losing an important call.

Training Capabilities

Training new employees is an important part of creating an impactful and effective workforce. So, why wouldn't you create a training space that gives new employees the chance to dig into their orientation without malfunctioning technology getting in the way?

Are you looking to make your conference room into a training center? CAS can help! Our engineers and designers can create a training space that accommodates multiple employees and makes the onboarding process easier than ever.
Whether that means setting up a row of computers, a screen and audio system for presentations, or both, our team will help you design, set up, and maintain your training room.

Excellent Audio

No one wants to deal with the embarrassment of losing audio during a virtual meeting. Having upgraded and modern equipment that provides top-quality sound is essential to impress your clients and bosses. So, if you've got outdated audio equipment that keeps your team guessing what is being said, maybe it is time to let CAS take the wheel.

Our software engineers and audio-visual equipment experts will not only set up a reliable conference room workspace but will also be available for continued maintenance needs. Conference rooms are an essential part of every workspace and have been known to facilitate collaboration between parties. When you encounter bumps in the road, contact a team you can trust to smooth them out: CAS.

3 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Conference Room

Houston TX Conference Room AV

Let our team help with your Houston TX Conference Room AV needs!

1- Equipment

The type of equipment you use will correlate to the main purpose of your conference room. If its main purpose is to function as a presentation room for clients, you will want a space that has a larger screen and reliable projection equipment.

If the conference room is a larger space, then a microphone might be required. On the other hand, if you conduct virtual meetings on a regular basis, a reliable webcam and virtual meeting collaboration equipment will be needed.

2- Seating

Is your conference room a place for small, medium, or larger gatherings? Perhaps it is there for a mixture of different-sized groups. Having the right amount of computers, microphones, and speakers will ensure that your conferencing needs are not interrupted by members of the group that cannot hear what is being said.

3- Purpose

The purpose of your conference room should be defined before taking on a project regarding its renovation. For instance, if you are converting it to a training room for the newest staff members, you should discuss the staging of extra equipment for their needs.

Computers, streaming equipment, and other aspects of this training room should facilitate streamlined training.
Additionally, if your group is required to hear presentations or watch videos, you will need equipment that can stream videos, pictures, and phone calls. To ensure top-quality audio-visual elements, consider a consultation with the CAS team!

Houston TX Conference Room AV

Houston TX Conference Room AV

Let CAS make your meeting a success!

Communications Advisory Service is an audio-visual consultant team that helps clients design, implement, and maintain equipment. We work with trade floors clients, high-volume phone dispatch centers, and other clients that require extensive audio-visual services. For Houston TX Conference Room AV, give CAS a call today!

Houston, TX Fun Facts:

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