Houston TX technology consulting firms

If you are looking for the best Houston TX technology consulting firms, give CAS a call. We provide custom IT and telecommunications solutions that will transform the way your company experiences technology.

Many clients wonder why they might need a technology consultant. One area our clients need help with is audio and visual solutions. Here are some frequent issues we see.

AV quality is ruining video conferences

You've probably attended at least one virtual meeting in Houston, Texas, where there was constant static or lagging video. You may even have seen attendees walk out because the quality was that bad.

But, you don't have to keep experiencing nails on the chalkboard. An AV consultant can help give you clarity in a time of static. They perform a broad range of services for conference rooms, from microphone tune-ups to complete system overhauls.

Houston TX technology consulting firms

A technology consulting firm specializes in designing, upgrading, and fixing sound and video systems

There's a high-profile event in your future

Orchestrating sound and video plans for an upcoming webinar or webcast is a major task, especially in a major city like Houston. First, you'll need to know everything about the latest technology options, from microphones to speakers to presentations.

Most companies based in Houston do not have the time to check every aspect of their upcoming event. That's where a technology consulting firm can help! They are up-to-date on all current audio and visual solutions.

Further, technology consulting firms don't demand that you buy new hardware and software for your event. Instead, they look at what you already have and do their best to incorporate it into their custom solution.

Technology users have gone their separate ways

Technology solutions that work for one department may not work for another. In fact, each department has its own specific needs, so they will choose the technology that fits exactly what their department needs.

However, using different sound and video technology between departments can be problematic when the two departments try to meet. Not all devices and platforms play nicely with their competitors. And this always seems to happen when you have the most important client meeting.

Ideally, a company should choose the AV solution that covers what the company as a whole needs. Once a company has selected a solution, they need to relocate users over to the new system.

System integration is a huge undertaking, but it's where technology management consulting service companies excel. AV engineers will figure out precisely what your users need and move them to the correct platform.

You need Houston TX technology consulting firms for custom solutions

Technology consultants excel in is developing cutting-edge audio and video systems. They meet with a client, design and develop a creative solution, and implement it.

So, who would need a custom solution? There are multiple industries that require a custom solution. In fact, off-the-shelf technology often doesn't have all the AV features industries need.

Houston TX technology consulting firms

AV engineers design complex solutions for trade floors, command and control centers, and more

Emergency control centers

We don't ever really think about it, but an emergency command and control center's AV technology is incredibly complex. There are multiple aspects that have to be present every minute of every day.

The sound must be crystal clear. The connection must be stable. Staff must be able to relay information to first responders and record all audio clips.

That's quite a challenge. But, technology consulting firms welcome opportunities like this. They create a system that guarantees people will have the service they need, exactly when they need it.

Trade floors

If the audio cuts in the middle of the bid, someone is going to have to explain what happened to upper management. That sounds like a rather difficult conversation.

Dramatic imagery aside, it's easy to see how critical it is for a trading floor to have a system that works just as well as an emergency control center.

They must have a clear, stable, reliable connection so they can successfully complete transactions.

While the sense of urgent communication isn't as life-threatening on trade floors as an emergency control center, it might be wallet-threatening.

Marketing departments

More than ever, we need digital strategies and solutions. Technology changes rapidly, and it's critical that companies stay up to date. However, all the new gadgets and gizmos on the market make it difficult to know where to start.

Technology consulting firms know the best approach for reaching your clients. Be it more digital signage, improved social media presence, or a revamped sound system that will impress potential clients that walk through the door.

Education systems

We know schools aren't going to need a solution that has a fancy database. However, schools are trying to reach their students now more than ever.

What better way to engage kids than by using engaging technology?

However, the projector from 1960 isn't going to wow students. In fact, it will likely get them snoring as soon as you turn it on. On the other hand, not all schools can afford a fancy smartboard, tablet, or auditorium experience.

That's where the technology consulting firms come in. Since they are so knowledgeable about solutions, they offer custom solutions for every budget. You may not get the smartboard, but you'll improve dramatically from that projector.

Retailers and hospitality

Artificial intelligence is on the rise. No, we're not nearing a robot take-over, but there are some eye-catching ways to target customers today.

Did you know that there is an augmented reality mirror where you can "try on clothes"? Seriously, there is. You don't even have to hop in the dressing room these days.

You might be wondering whether that's a little extreme. It's not when you're competing to stay on top. Shoppers love convenience, so providing convenience for free is a great way to earn long-term customers. Your local Houston, TX, technology consulting firms can help you stay at the top.

Houston TX technology consulting firms

Be it a special event or trading floor design, CAS is your local Houston TX technology consulting firms

About us

CAS delivers full-service IT and telecommunications consultation, from software development and managed IT services to system maintenance. We believe our clients deserve exceptional consulting experience. That's why we begin each client relationship by listening to our clients and hearing their needs.

Our technology consulting services include designing, developing, and implementing control systems, migrating users to a new platform, crafting data center buildouts, transforming cloud and hybrid clouds, and more. We offer services to multiple industries, including education, legal, energy, healthcare, and more.

CAS is your local AV services firm

The next time you're searching for the best Houston TX technology consulting firms, we hope you'll give the experts at CAS a call.

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