Our Location

Our office is located in the Lyric Business Center. Visit us, or give us a call to see how we can improve your company or individual projects with any of our services.

Our Offices

Throughout the ever-changing world of the internet, it can be rather difficult to navigate if you’re not entirely well-versed in it. After all, you shouldn’t operate your business or project on the internet if you don’t know how to properly utilize it. Why not allow the professionals to have a go, and you sit back and do what you do best; run your business?

With CAS or Communications Advisory Service Ltd, organizing your business just got that much easier. Our number of services provided can match whatever your company requirements may be. Whether that’s audio-video or media, infrastructure, trading turret systems, or data center and cloud management, we have you completely covered.

Our expertise and services range from audio and video services, trading floor services and consulting and professional services. Whatever needs your business or separate project may strive for, we can help you achieve it.

What’s more, we have had over twenty years in the business. That’s quite a long time to gain all kinds of diverse knowledge in this industry! Our dedication is for our clients and the growth of their projects or business.
Our CAS experts are professionals in technology service designing, planning, and building premium solutions for whatever problems you may have. We tailor our professional help to whatever your current strategy and system may be. We have an executive management team that is made up of numerous consultants, tech experts, and much more to improve your brand or project.

Our independent IT and Telecommunications consulting company are here for you. The following are market sectors we typically cover in our line of work; Energy and Utilities, Finance, Architecture and Construction, Health Care, Education, Retail and Manufacturing, Insurance and Legal, and National and Local Administration.

Our office is located in the Lyric Business Center:
440 Louisiana St, Suite 900
Houston, Texas, 77002
(713) 236-7771
[email protected]
Our valuable team members here at CAS include technical writers, solution architects, business analysts, consultants and technicians, program managers, and project managers. Why not take your business or independent project to the next level with our help and the help of our talented staff here at CAS!
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