Audio Video Services

CAS has a team of top tier audio visual AMX & Crestron programmers that work diligently to ensure a robust and reliable enterprise solution.

Corporate Audio Video

Knowing what technologies, systems and manufacturers work together is the key to our success in building AV solutions.


We offer AV services to plan, design and build immersive conferencing options for our customers. We also support the vast array of AV manufacture's equipment to configure and tune microphones and speakers to provide crystal-clear sound to deliver the quality of an in-person conversation.


Our engineers have worked on some of the largest, most complex AV deployments in the country. We have designed and programmed control systems for emergency operations centers, network operations centers, command and control facilities, and meeting spaces for a wide range of civilian and military customers.


Many projects never reach their full potential due to programming and configuration problems that are easily remedied by a qualified control system programmer. Proper programming is essential for completing profitable projects, gaining user confidence, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promoting future relationships.

Project Services


We offer wide variety of design services from standardizing your AV experience across multiple sites or designing the show piece in your lobby or executive offices.


Developing code to support your room standards or custom programming the
automations you need in special areas or systems are one of our specialties. We have developed code for mass deployment in conference rooms, so your support costs and user experience are consistent across your organization. As well as custom one of a kind experiences.

Project Management

We have skilled project managers that can deliver projects from start to finish, following your internal project standards or developing the plan from end to end for you. Our team has the skill set to work with your IT organizations to ensure your systems are added to your network and internal infrastructure properly.

End to End Solutions

We work with our partners to deliver your projects from end to end, giving you an all in one delivery with one point of contact for the whole project.


Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your systems so you can focus on your business and not technology. Our service model can be tailored to fit your site and current technology to keep it running with limited interruptions. This will keep you focused on your productivity and not your technology.

Break Fix Support

We have the skills and people to address most any issue with your
systems from simple fixes like cable replacements, 
 to complex trouble shooting of multimillion-dollar systems.

Meeting Support

We can create an easy to operate service to assist getting your meetings
started on time. We can do this from in the room or remotely. This means no loss of valuable time trying to get your meetings started.

Special event planning and management

Our teams are capable of planning large scale
events; including town halls, webcasts/broadcasts and live recordings. We work with your internal communications team, outside production resources, and broadcast companies to ensure your event is the highest quality possible.

Manufacturer Experience

Our Engineers have worked with equipment and systems from these manufacturers

Audio Video Projects

Corporate Audio Video projects of all types of rooms through a wide spectrum of AV products, manufacturers and communication use cases.
Command Center and Trading Floor Audio Video

Command Center and Trading Floor Audio Video Systems and Integration   Network Operations Center […]

Conference Rooms

Audio Video Designs and Solutions for Conference and Meeting Rooms Seamless audio video systems […]

Training Rooms

Audio Video Systems and Integration for Training Rooms The most challenging and frustrating aspect […]


Communications Advisory Service

Communications Advisory Service boasts nearly 30 years of top of the line telecommunications consulting. Our experience extends internationally and our team of specialists has been exposed to the best telecoms services and techniques in the world.
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