Trusted AV Advisors

We work to find the best solutions to meet our clients needs through Standards, Onsite Support, and Operational Process review.

Corporate Audio Video Services

Knowing what technologies, systems and manufacturers work together is the key to our success in building AV solutions.


We offer AV services to plan, design and build immersive conferencing options for our customers. We also support the vast array of AV manufacture's equipment to configure and tune microphones and speakers to provide crystal-clear sound to deliver the quality of an in-person conversation.


Our engineers have worked on some of the largest, most complex AV deployments in the country. We have designed and programmed control systems for emergency operations centers, network operations centers, command and control facilities, and meeting spaces for a wide range of civilian and military customers.


Many projects never reach their full potential due to programming and configuration problems that are easily remedied by a qualified control system programmer. Proper programming is essential for completing profitable projects, gaining user confidence, ensuring customer satisfaction, and promoting future relationships.

Our Approach

The CAS complete life-cycle project typically starts at the business and user requirements analysis phase through to technology management, procurement and implementation. This complete service allows our team of consultants to think on a wider plane when applying available technology to business processes required to run your business.
  • process re-design and re-engineering
  • diligent evaluation of your company’s existing processes and workflow
  • identification of opportunities to improve and enhance “working together” principles.
  • communications flow from front office through to back office and other supporting departments

Audio Video Projects

Corporate Audio Video projects of all types of rooms through a wide spectrum of AV products, manufacturers and communication use cases.
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Manufacturer Experience

Our Engineers have worked with equipment and systems from these manufacturers
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