Top 5 Reasons you should use Digital Signage

As a business and a company, you are always looking for ways to enhance how you market and communicate information out to possible clients. In a time where everything is done in a digital format, it is a good idea to move your signage in this direction.

As people walk around your physical location, you want something that will point them to your business, services, and products. There is a better way to do this than just using printed signs and posters that must be placed around your location and refreshed on a regular basis.

Digital signage can be set up in many different places and comes in different forms. There are large LED walls, LCD monitors, even mobile-based applications, and other pieces of technology that display the information that you want people to see. These signs can function as many different things including lobby information centers, menus boards, standalone advertising units in crowded areas, etc. Ultimately it gives you a flexible platform that can easily be updated with new content with much less overhead cost and resources.

Top 5 Reasons you should use Digital Signage

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Many companies don’t realize how useful digital signage can be. With the right software, you can be creative and interactive with your clients, while getting the information you want them to see in front of them quickly and seamlessly. If you haven’t considered using digital signage to grow your business and help cut costs you may be missing out. Here are some reasons that you might need to consider using digital signage or updating your existing systems.

5 Reasons For Using Digital Signage

  1. It’s Engaging: Digital signage is a very engaging way to put out information. When thinking of a way to advertise, you want to grab the attention of customers as quickly as possible. With digital signage, you can do this in seconds. Most content is dynamic and moves either from one piece of information to the next or as a video clip and this catches people’s attention very quickly.
  2. People Remember it: As information is being shown on the screen, it guarantees that customers will remember it. It has been scientifically proven that 89% of the time when digital signage is used people remember the content better than regular printed signage and can recall it for a longer period after seeing it in this format.
  3. It Cuts Cost Over Time: By using digital signage, you can cut cost both now and over time. Think about how much you have spent on posters, flyers, and other physical advertising objects as well as the man-hours of posting them around your space making sure they look good. You can save all that printing money and labor cost by just uploading that content on your digital signage displays. Once you have the sign set up, you don’t have to worry about those other costs.
  4. It Can Adapt: Digital signage is something that allows for easy adaptation and changes. If you are planning something, there are last-minute changes, but you have made printable ads, those go to waste. With digital signage, you can easily make changes to the information very quickly. If there is a serious weather event coming, or an emergency at the site you can easily get important messaging out to your teams to shelter in place or evacuate the building.
  5. It’s Easily Managed: Lastly, digital signage is easy to manage. You can manage a large number of displays with one person or handle an entire global company with a small team. Once a system is decided on for your specific needs it can be managed effectively across your entire business either in large campuses or many individual sites across a large region.

Hopefully, we have been able to show you that using digital signage can help you grow your business, communicate with your clients, and reduce costs for your business. To get a digital sign set up, get in contact with us at Communications Advisory Service.

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