Trade Floors

Trading floors are a demanding environment. Clear communication and effective, real-time knowledge are critical aspects of effective trade floors. That's why our experts craft applications and systems that always meet the challenge.

CAS has had the opportunity to design, create, and implement some of the most exciting and challenging trading floors. Our expert consultants have developed and implemented projects that accommodated a high-user volume and multiple sites across the globe, including designer voice networks, IT infrastructure, data centers, and more. 

On each occasion, our team has successfully migrated client users from their current system to their new solution without any service interruptions.

Globally, we have implemented over 20,000 trade seats. Our team of experts works with both on-site and remote solutions, from designing intelligent and thin office concepts to delivering cloud technology.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At CAS, we know an effective trading system requires multiple complex features and capabilities. Our AV consultants' design systems meet all these requirements and more, from visualizing and prioritizing calls to performing mass information exchange and beyond.

We evaluate your needs and design, develop, and implement a solution that will optimize your trading floor. Our team of consultants will work with you to:

  • Identify the IT, telecommunication, data centers, and cloud services you need.
  • Craft a trade floor environment plan.
  • Determine and create a user capacity plan.
  • Migrate users to the new system.


Innovation Sets Us Apart

At CAS, we believe that the pathway to a successful solution begins with a clear and concise understanding of your goals. When your goals are thoroughly defined, you can keep your journey moving forward and truly excel.

That's why we collaborate with our clients to design the most effective AV solution. We listen to your goals and desires before we begin designing your trading floor and remain in touch with your team throughout your project.

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Designer Trading Furniture Design

Trade floor efficiency doesn't stop at the system. Your workers need a clearly defined, comfortable, and functional area to perform at their best.

CAS offers comprehensive design assistance for flooring areas. We can design space-saving areas that maintain a personal desk touch. Our services include:

  • Designing trading desks
  • Drafting space and access allotment plans
  • Planning cable installation & management methods
  • Drafting desktop connectivity plans

Migrating & Relocating Users

Losing service or having issues relocating users to a new system can cost a company a fortune in lost profits. When you choose CAS, you can rest assured that your team will successfully migrate to your new system without losing critical business.

Our expert consultants will migrate your users to the new system while maintaining your current service. In addition, we will thoroughly train your team on your new system.

CAS believes in complete lifecycle care. That's why we remain in touch post-production and offer maintenance services to ensure your new solution is always working at full capacity.

Trading Floor Technology

CAS has developed and fostered relationships with the top technology providers in the world. Our team of experts works with many outside vendors, and all of our solutions are compatible with technology equipment currently on the market.

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions, including unbeatable project management. That's why our team will contact outside vendors for you, so you can stay focused on achieving your goals.

Cloud Solutions and Trader Voice-as-a-Service

With many companies moving toward cloud solutions, it's critical to stay in the loop. CAS has experience in many cloud applications, including:
  • BT Unified Communications (IP Trade)
  • IPC Unigy 360
  • C9 Trader

Hosted and On-premise Systems

Be it on-site or remote, clear and reliable communication remains key. Our experts have years of experience working with top technology, including:
  • IPC Tradenet MX, Alliance MX, IQMX, and Unigy 360
  • BT ITS P107, P51, P41, P31, and ITS Campus
  • Ericsson MD110 – FS and Trading Application systems
  • ATOS Xpert and Siemens Hicom 300 trader system
  • Speakerbus
  • Hitachi Dealing system
  • Various PBX systems (e.g., Avaya, Nortel Meridian)

Voice Recording Systems

CAS works with leading voice recording technologies, services, software, and companies. Our experts have delivered  2N and N+1 voice recording designs and are experienced in both active (CTI) and passive (SPAN) recording technology such as:
  • NICE Engage, NTR, NIM 4.1, Interaction Analytics and Nexidia
  • Redbox Quantify Search & Replay
  • Verint Interaction Recording
  • ASC neo Cloud Services

Voice Analytics & Archiving

Maintaining compliance is critical, especially in the trading business. That's why CAS works closely with voice recording technologies, services, companies, and current voice compliance suites.
Our team has implemented global voice analytics platforms, including their system language packs, tuning, transcription, and voice archival solutions. We have experience working with major product solutions, including:

A History of Success

Since our start in 1981, CAS has taken on dozens of large-scale trading floor projects. Our team specializes in creating custom solutions for your trading floor. Additionally, our trade turret systems are second to none and use only the best programming and technology to make your trading event a success.

  • 20,000 Trade Positions- The total number of trade positions we have successfully implemented on a global scale.
  • $5M to $50M- The monetary value of the technology we have used in projects of all sizes.
  • Intelligent and Thin- The conceptual design of our programming that we deliver to clients.
  • On-Prem & Cloud- The type of trading turret systems we deliver and support.


CAS took on a successful long-term assignment at the London Stock Exchange in 1981. This is where our business started. When trading operations moved from the market floor to an electronic platform, the entire trading industry was revolutionized. CAS was there when this change took place, and ever since, we have been there to encourage change and help trading organizations upgrade their technology. Applications design and implementation management is our specialty.

For more success stories, visit our projects page
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