Unplug this Christmas

This holiday season, we want to encourage you to unplug while you unwind. The last few years have been more stressful and now more than ever, we know it’s important to connect with those closest to us. Here are three things you can do this year to unplug a little easier:

  1. Turn your work emails off on your phone. Enjoy “time off” and be unaware of new emails while you are with family and friends. You can also turn off notifications or set up a do not disturb. Let your mind take a break and mentally rest from work projects.
  2. Put your phone away. Once you take pictures and before you sit down to have a meal or time together, put your phone in another room or tuck it away. Once a phone comes out at the table, it can quickly be a domino effect and before you know it, everyone is on their phone and unengaged. Set an example by keeping your phone put away for periods of time. This will support your plans to fully unwind and engage with those in the room.
  3. Make as many memories as possible! Stay up late, sleep in, stay in pajamas, make breakfast together, go to the park, play games, unwrap gifts! Do all the things and make amazing memories. This is already a special time of year.

It’s a time to reflect, show appreciation and plan for what the next year may hold. Before you plan for next year, invest in those closest to you. Investing your time and attention into your loved ones, is one of the best things you can do while you unwind this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from all of us at CAS.

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