Helping you communicate
with the world through technology.


CAS helps you overcome your technology obstacles and gain a competitive advantage

Network & Data

Does it take forever to download files? 
Have an unbearably slow connection?

Conference Rooms & Virtual Meetings

Do you struggle to get your conferencing system started? 
Deal with echoes, sound loss, or video lag?

Phone Systems & Complex Communication Systems

Do you experience static and dropped calls?Constantly troubleshooting your system?

Special Events

Is your AV quality excellent one webinar but terrible the next?
Searching for a better AV experience?

Optimize your systems with our 3-step plan

CAS can help you achieve your goals 
and be more productive with our 3-step plan.


We begin every project with an initial meeting, where we discuss your goals and identify your company's needs.

Design & Development

Our AV consultants will design and develop your tailored solution. Our team will work collaboratively with your organization to align with your company's internal standards.


Once your solution is ready to go live, CAS will be there to deliver it. We'll make sure your team is up to speed on how the system works, and we'll remain in contact to ensure your system is always up to par.
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CAS Service Model

At CAS, we believe in end-to-end solutions. That's why we offer comprehensive audio video and telecommunication services on both the projects and operations.

Operation Services

We believe in lifecycle care:
  • Our team performs Preventative Maintenance to keep your equipment top-notch.
  • We offer Break-Fix Support services, from troubleshooting high-profile systems to replacing cables.
  • Our consultants keep your meetings running smoothly with our Meeting Support
  • We will ensure all your Special Events run smoothly and spark innovation.

Projects Services

CAS will be with you every step of the way:
  • We will design your custom innovative solution
  • Our AV consultants will work with you to program and develop your project
  • CAS takes the lead with comprehensive project management services
  • Our team will provide your end-to-end solution, from building a case to project delivery.

Our end-to-end solutions cover all your audio video and telecommunication needs

Network & Bandwidth

Bandwidth issues can slow file transfers and network speed. Your team's productivity can really suffer. If this is an issue you are facing, CAS is here to help.

Conference Rooms & Virtual Meetings

When you have an important meeting, the last thing you need is for your system to act up. If you're looking to avoid these issues, you should consider calling the AV experts at CAS. Schedule an appointment today.

Phone Systems

If you have issues with excessive static or dropped calls, it can make you look incredibly unprofessional. What's more, it can halt your productivity. If you're looking to prevent these issues in the future, reach out to CAS today.

Voice Communication Systems & Analytics

Be it a command and control center or trade floor, CAS can ensure you have a clear, stable connection with real-time feedback when it matters most. Our team will also make sure your team can easily and securely database all required information.

Broadcasts & Webinars 

If you have a large event coming up, there are several steps you need to take for it to run smoothly. CAS can design a specialized AV solution and help set up your equipment. We'll ensure your webinar starts on time and inspires attendees.  

Compliance & Quality

Drafting and finalizing compliance and quality control documentation is no easy task. CAS provides end-to-end solutions, so we'll take the lead when it comes to performing audits and documenting critical information. From writing your business case to proposal requests, user testing to solutions analysis and beyond, CAS has you covered.  

Data & Infrastructure

Developing and implementing an advanced data center and IT structure is crucial. However, this complex task often puts the breaks on finalizing projects. Our experts have years of experience building out data centers and working with IT infrastructure. In fact, if you've been unable to finalize a project you've been developing, we can complete the programming for you so you can achieve your goals.

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