Helping you communicate 
with the world through technology.


Problems we help you solve

Network or bandwidth issues?

Do you find that your computers are running slower than they should? Taking forever to download a file?

Conference call issues?

Does it take you 15 minutes to get started?
Do you have audio/video issues?

Issues with your phone system?

Poor audio quality or system issues?
Do you find them difficult to manage?

Trouble with Broadcasts or Webinars?

Is it hard to plan large events with consistent quality?  Do you feel like you are not getting the most out of your broadcasts or webinars?
If you have experienced any of these issues, see our 3 step plan.

Our 3 Step Plan

Advising clients in all areas of technology to create an advantage for our customers. 


We schedule an in depth assessment of your systems and requirements.


We work together to create and
implement a plan to address your specific issues.


Your technology becomes an advantage, not an obstacle. Saving you time, frustration and money.
CAS Audio Video Service

Customer Feedback

  • These guys helped me with my live production. I can honestly say I am impressed by their hard work, they were on time, focused and got the job done in a timely manner!
    - Josh
  • Extraordinary customer service, technical expertise, and professionalism.
  • I have found that our experience working with CAS over the past several years,
    as brought our events to the next level.

    - Casey

Communications Advisory Service

Communications Advisory Service boasts nearly 30 years of top of the line telecommunications consulting. Our experience extends internationally and our team of specialists has been exposed to the best telecoms services and techniques in the world.
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