Are you looking for a company to help you with your Houston TX corporate AV? You need to contact Communications Advisory Service.

You are in your office, thinking about all the different technical parts of your company. All of these make everything come together. And as you think of this, you might be intrigued.

Well, maybe you're intrigued but not impressed. This might be because you know you need to upgrade many things. But maybe you don't even know where to get started.

If this happens to be the case for you, then we have a solution. Meet with our experts at Communications Advisory Service. This is our specialty! And we do this for clients all across the greater Houston area.

The area of audio and visuals in an office is very important. This is especially if these are pieces of equipment that you use often or all the time.

You just want to make sure everything is working seamlessly. And that the technology being used doesn't look outdated. This is a normal thing to be worried about. And that is why we are here to help.

We have a team of audio visual experts who know about all the latest equipment that will fit easily into your space. Not only can they advise you on what to get, but our company can assist with getting the equipment you need.

So, get started on your Houston TX corporate AV journey today. Call us at Communications Advisory Service.

Communications Advisory Service: Houston TX corporate AV

Communications Advisory Service, also known as CAS, is a technology consulting company. We have branches in the US and the UK. It is our job to support businesses and industries working through the fast pace of technological advances.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the new advances. But we are here to help with this.

The technology that we support and work with promotes efficiency. It also improves product delivery in your everyday work. This way you can work faster and better. And do all this while having and knowing how to use all the latest technology.

Since 2000, when we opened the Houston, Texas branch, we have been successful in providing a range of services for all of our clients. Though our main job is to consult, we do much more than that. This is mainly because we know companies will also need help with the steps that come after the consultation.

If you are wondering, can we assist you and your business, the answer is yes! There are a variety of industries that we consult for. A list of the industries that we work with includes energy, utilities, banking, retail, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. Of course, we assist many more industries, so know that we are here to help.

Let's dive deeper into some of our Houston TX corporate AV services. Get an idea of the kind of services that are available to you and your company.

Houston TX corporate AV

Trust CAS with your Houston TX corporate AV.

Audio Visual Production Services

At CAS, we are more than just your average audio-visual consulting company. We are also experts in engineering, programming, IT, and much more. All of these are parts associated with your Houston TX corporate AV.

Thankfully, our team has years of experience in all of these aspects of technology. And this is what makes us great.

We have created systems for conference rooms, data centers, trading floors, control centers, and more. In addition, we have provided equipment rentals for special events in Houston and much more. So, as you can see, we do much more than consulting. This is because we know that AV requires more than consulting.

Houston TX corporate AV

Trust our team to take care of every audio-visual part.


As we mentioned before, Houston TX corporate AV consultation is our main job. Many times clients come in knowing they need to change the technology they are using. But the truth is they don't know what they need. And they don't even know where to start from.

So, of course, the first step is to start with a consultation.

Our experts start every project by examining your company and all that you already use. Then they speak to you about what you do on an everyday basis. In addition, they ask what you want to accomplish with the new technology. This way, they can draw out the perfect solution for you.

Once the goal is known, and the audio visual solution has been created, they present their ideas to you.  The great thing about this service is once it is completed, we can start implementing it for you. This is extremely helpful to all our clients. Mainly because they don't want to feel alone when it's time to find the equipment that they need.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

If you have a company that takes many meetings with clients, then audio-visual is very important to you. This is because, in order to have successful meetings, you need great presentations to back them up. With that being said, at CAS, we can help! We will start by improving the Houston TX corporate AV in your conference room.

We help provide you with a system fit for presentations, conference calls, and more. Our team discusses the design that you might have in mind. Then they work with you to make this design come to life.

This includes installing the Houston TX corporate AV equipment. In addition to programming the equipment and training your staff on how to use it.

Houston TX corporate AV

Creating the best conference room space.

All of these are important parts of ensuring a smooth transition. So, trust us to give you the best Houston TX corporate AV service all around.

Houston TX corporate AV

Now you have more information about what Communications Advisory Service can do for you. Check out our other Houston TX corporate AV services on our website. If you have any questions about these services, feel free to give our team a call.

Choose the best audio-visual company to help you with your new audio-visual project. You are sure to enjoy every part of our service. Make an appointment with our experts today. Get started with your Houston TX corporate AV consultation.

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