Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist

If you are searching for a Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist, look no further than Communication Advisory Service (CAS) Houston. We have a team of communication specialists that offer a wide range of services related to audiovisual communication systems and setups. From design to troubleshooting to maintenance, we’ve got you covered where AV presentation and technology are concerned.

In 1980, we opened our company as a communications advisory firm in the UK. Since then, we have helped thousands of companies and individuals find the right technology and audiovisual solutions for their needs. Our company proudly expanded its reach in 2000, with the opening of a Houston office.

Technology is changing fast, and the audiovisual solutions available today are hard to keep up with. When you consult with a  Communication Specialist from CAS, Houston, know that you are getting recommendations and advice based on the latest and greatest technology available.

Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist

Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist

What is a Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist?

An audiovisual communication specialist offers services related to the AV and technology aspect of running a business or corporation. Our team of specialists works hard to design, develop, and implement projects that directly serve your needs. Whether you need to optimize your AV equipment for conference calls or set up a presentation for a conference, an audiovisual specialist can help.

What Does CAS, Houston Offer?

At CAS, we simplify our service offerings so that they are easy to understand. This helps you decide which services might best fit your needs. Additionally, our customer service assistants are always available to help you make this determination.

Project Services

The project-based services at CAS offer updating and maintenance for your existing audiovisual equipment or the development of a new system. Our specialists have the expertise to assess your current equipment and offer realistic and reliable advice on what needs to be changed. Generally, there are three steps to our projects: consultation, program and management, and implementation.

Our consultation services allow our technicians and specialists to evaluate your current needs against the utility of your current equipment. We can also assess whether there are some general money-saving opportunities in updating your equipment. For instance, newer technology solutions often offer more energy efficiency, which can help lower your impact on the environment as well as your electricity bill. During the consultation, our specialists will learn about your project goals and form an understanding of what you need from your audiovisual solutions.

After the consultation, the design process begins. Once we have assessed the current equipment you are using and its utility, our team will begin to find an even better AV solution.

Throughout the entire process, your expectations are central to what we create. Whether this means you want specific features or functions, or you need something simple with a great user experience, our specialists will find your ideal solution.

After we have designed your AV solution to your satisfaction, our team begins the programming and management portion of your project. During the programming phase, our AV engineers develop an updated coding system for your new or current system. Programming your equipment to have a uniform user experience is key to a reliable AV system.

Our assistance to you does not end when we’ve programmed and installed your equipment. In fact, our team is here to help you throughout the entire project, from beginning to implementation. Furthermore, we will coordinate with your IT team, helping them understand the navigation of your new equipment.

Implementation of your project is the last step. This includes the installation, testing, and issue resolution of your equipment. This is the portion of your project where every member of our team comes together to make it a success. From engineers to consultants, our team will make your project happen. Additionally, after we have completed the project, our team is still available t you for troubleshooting, maintenance, and hardware repairs.

Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist

Consider CAS for your audiovisual project needs!

Operational Services

The operational services offered by CAS, Houston includes four areas: preventative maintenance, technical support, meeting support, and special events. Unlike project services, which help you design and implement your AV solution, operational services are all about the upkeep and maintenance of your equipment.

Preventative maintenance includes regular updates and inspections to your equipment so that it is always running at maximum efficiency. This is a cost-effective service that helps prevent the breakdown of your audiovisual equipment. Meetings and business will flow more smoothly when you have reliable AV equipment.

Our team is always here to offer you technical support when you need it. Whether it’s a cable that has shorted out or a program that has crashed unexpectedly, reliable technical support will help stem the frustration over equipment that is not working properly. Our team has extensive experience working with AV equipment of all shapes, sizes, and brands. Rest assured, we will help you find a resolution to your technology problems.

If you own or operate a business that relies on virtual meetings and presentations, you know how important it is to keep your audiovisual equipment functioning at its maximum potential. Ultimately, AV equipment is prone to failure when it is overused and undermaintained.

Part of our meeting support services at CAS is to prevent this from happening by performing important inspections and updates prior to your important meetings. We all know that there are times when the success of a meeting can make or break a company. Let our operation team help you with your meeting support needs.

CAS, Houston is proud to offer special event services to clients who are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable crew. This service specifically focuses on the setup, management, operation, and breakdown of AV equipment used for your special event. We even provide recommendations of what equipment you will want to have for your event. Our team coordinates the entire process with your team to make your AV solution a reality.

Contact CAS, Houston Today!

Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist

CAS proudly service energy giants like Reliant!

If you are in need of a reliable and efficient team to help manage your AV solutions, then it is time to give CAS, Houston, a call. For more information about our services, team, and location, visit our website! When you call CAS, expect the best from your Houston TX Audiovisual Communication Specialist!

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