Houston TX conference room technology

If you need help with your Houston TX conference room technology, give Communications Advisory Service a call today! We are experts in designing and developing audiovisual systems for conference and training rooms.

Who hires an AV engineer?

Audiovisual consultants specialize in designing and fixing sound and video systems (AV systems). You'll find audio-visual experts working in many areas, including schools, offices, trade companies, and call centers.


You can hear the kids snoring miles away from the classroom. The projector from the '60s is on, and the yellow light on the wall is less than thrilling. The light keeps flickering in and out, so you keep having to hit the projector a few times to get it started.

Dramatic imagery aside, schools want to grab student's attention. The average child watches at least one hour of TV or uses a smart device before turning 1. So, teachers know that technology upgrades will quickly wake their kiddos up.

So what upgrades does a school need? Schools often need to switch to a digital projector or smartboard. In addition, they'll upgrade their auditorium speaker and microphone system.

Education systems have also found digital signage is very effective at catching eyes. For example, the school staff will put digital signs that display the latest updates about campus events, awards, and more next to popular parts of the campus.

However, because so many schools are short on upgrade funds, finding the best upgrade that meets their price isn't exactly easy. That's where the AV technical comes in. Be it hardware upgrades or installing digital signs, an AV engineer will know the best technology options for schools.

Houston TX conference room technology

Offices often request AV consultants to help with video conferencing systems


The most common pain point around the office is definitely in meeting rooms. We hear so many clients say that they have static on the line and trouble with lagging video or projector connection. Often our clients think they have to deal with it.

However, an AV expert can fix almost all sound and video issues with conferencing systems. They know all the latest technology on the market, so they can quickly identify and fix the problem.

You may need a simple fix, like updating software. However, the system problem could be more complex, like transferring users to the same platform.

Audiovisual experts know what the best Houston TX conference room technology is. Further, they'll design a video conferencing system based on your room's specific needs. Tailored solutions are key since every room is set up differently.

Trade companies

A lot is hopping down on the trading floor. Team members have a constant flow of callers, so it's critical to have a clear, reliable connection. However, they also need to database and record all audio calls, which is more complex than your average AV system.

That's why trade companies hire consulting companies. An AV engineer will design and develop a custom solution. They know the ins and outs of privacy policies and work with your organization to meet internal standards.

Call centers

Call centers use command and control systems. These systems allow an operator to both answer and act while taking calls. For example, when you dial 911, you reach an operator working a command and control systems.

Call centers, especially emergency call centers, must have a clear and reliable connection. However, their AV technology is more based on the audio and recording side. For example, an emergency control center must allow its operators to alert first responders while on the phone with you.

What is wrong with my Houston TX conference room technology?

We know this is not the answer you want to hear, but, unfortunately, there are many possible reasons your audiovisual system isn't working right.

Generally, we hear clients say they have a lot of static on the line or dropped calls. Another common issue is video conferencing technology not projecting correctly.

While you'll need an expert AV engineer to identify your problem, we see some recurring reasons for poor room audio and video quality.

Offices often request AV consultants to help with video conferencing systems

You can resolve common AV system issues with the help of a technology consultant

Your team members like different things

Everyone has different preferences. So, it's not surprising to hear that not all departments use the same audio-visual control system. However, this poses a big problem.

Not all conferencing systems get along. Some hardware is incompatible with a competitor's software. In addition, AV systems will eventually become incompatible with modern products.

Thankfully, the fix is easy. A technology consulting company can look at what your company needs and create the best AV system for you.

You may just need to migrate your users to a platform other departments are already using. However, your company may benefit from a tailored AV system.

Your system is throwing a tantrum like hangry toddlers when an AV system isn't fed and refreshed, it gets a little cranky. Ok, for an audio-video system, food and refreshment is actually maintenance, but the behavior comparison is definitely fair.

We know that software updates are not fun, to put it mildly. They take up a lot of time that your company doesn't have. However, updates and upgrades are critical components to keeping your system healthy.

Preventative maintenance will ensure your system runs smoothly when it's time for important client calls. The good news is, AV consultants often offer maintenance care, so they'll come out and keep your system happy before it throws a tantrum.

You're system put in retirement notice

Nothing lasts forever. However, this can be a great opportunity! When it's time to say goodbye to your old video conferencing system, an audio-video consulting expert can find the ideal choice for your company.

Further, an audio-visual team can tailor an AV system to your needs. Off-the-shelf solutions don't always work. But a technology consultant can create something that will.

Houston TX conference room technology

Call CAS today for help with your Houston TX conference room technology

CAS is your local AV consulting firm

We have worked with many high-profile clients to design, develop, and implement conferencing systems. Our experienced engineers also specialize in crafting systems for trade floors, command and control centers.

The next time you need help with your Houston TX conference room technology, we hope you'll give us a call.

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