Command & Control

East Coast Energy Company

The project encompassed the development of sophisticated control room IT and voice systems to enhance the communications experience for end users, power companies and internal staff. A new back-up command & control centre was purpose-built to form a resilient environment for technology and delivery of power management for the east coast region.

CAS produced technical specifications that represented the needs of the control room and power dispatch users. The process recommended and undertaken by CAS was as follows:

  • User requirements analysis for staff in main control room in Philadelphia by interviewing front-line users and management to establish current perceptions and future requirements
  • Production of a specification of requirements for infrastructure, trader voice, media recording, all-call announcement, external network services and integration with corporate systems
  • Evaluation of supplier responses, short-listed presentation process, contract negotiation and detailed scope of works agreement.
  • Project management, acceptance testing, go-live planning and in-service support

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