Trader Voice Services

Global Energy Company

For over 5 years CAS has delivered a Managed Service for the management of all trader voice projects globally. This followed a successful 3 years period where 6 new trade floors in North America were successfully implemented. The CAS service has been managed by a programme lead, supported by a team of 10 consultants enabling CAS to cover all aspects of Project Management and subject matter expertise, delivered to match the specific needs of the client.

Ongoing successful management and delivery within one of the most challenging technology areas is testament to the quality and high level of standards demonstrated by CAS consultants.

Start Up Your Project

Our processes, procedures and standards support all technology requirements and goals.

Communications Advisory Service

Communications Advisory Service boasts nearly 30 years of top of the line telecommunications consulting. Our experience extends internationally and our team of specialists has been exposed to the best telecoms services and techniques in the world.
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