Trading Turret System and Trading Floor Services

We work to find the best solutions to meet our client’s needs through Standards, Onsite Support, and Operational Process review. CAS has over 40 years of exposure to Financial and Energy trading floor design.

Trader Voice Systems

  • Hosted and On-premise Systems
    • IPC Tradenet MX, Alliance MX, IQMX and Unigy 360 
    • BT ITS P107, P51, P41, P31 and ITS Campus
    • Ericsson MD110 – FS and Trading Application systems
    • ATOS Xpert and Siemens Hicom 300 trader system
    • Speakerbus
    • Hitachi Dealing system
    • Various PBX systems (eg. Avaya, Nortel Meridian)

Voice Recording Systems

CAS has in-depth experience, attained from many large technology projects, of reviewing, capturing and documenting existing ‘end-to-end’ business processes and procedures.
CAS has a long history with voice recording technologies, services, software and companies. We’d delivered 2N and N+1 voice recording designs with experience in both active (CTI) and passive (SPAN) recording technology.
  • NICE Engage, NTR, NIM 4.1, Interaction Analytics and Nexidia
  • Redbox Quantify Search & Replay
  • Verint Interaction Recording
  • ASC neo Cloud Services

Voice Analytics & Voice Archiving

CAS knows the importance of compliance in the trading business. CAS has worked closely with voice recording technologies, services, companies and the latest voice compliance suites. Our experience includes the delivery of global voice analytics platforms. This includes system language packs, tuning, transcription and voice archival solutions. CAS continues to work with these vendors, their solutions and our clients to ensure the right solution is delivered.

Supporting Trade Floor Technology

Our Trader Voice support services fit the needs of our customers and their vast collection of technologies and devices.

Trade Floor Projects

Trade Floor projects of all types through a wide spectrum of Voice and Voice Recording products, manufacturers and communication use cases.
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"State of the Art" Trading Floors

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Trade Floor Services

Over 20,000 trading seats successfully implemented, globally. Technology spend from $5M to $50M for larger projects. 
Design criteria for intelligent & thin office concepts. 
On-premises and Cloud technology delivery.
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