Houston TX audio visual services group

When you need a Houston TX audio visual services group, call Communications Advisory Service. Our engineers have extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing creative solutions for conference systems, and training rooms, trade floors, command and control centers, data centers, and more.

Houston TX audio visual services group

AV specialists are experts in sound and video technology

What services do audio visual consultants provide?

Technology consultants offer a variety of audio visual services. Usually, they provide sound and video design for conferencing rooms, training rooms, trade floors, command and control centers, and data centers. In addition, many companies offer maintenance plans.

Conference and training rooms

Video conferencing can be a painful experience. There is often excessive static, video lag, dropped calls, projector issues, etc. Unfortunately, many clients get so used to these issues that they expect them to happen.

However, an audio visual expert can quickly find and resolve most sound and video problems. In addition, they can determine whether you need updated software, system upgrades, or new cable connections.

In addition, they design audio video conferencing technology. Unfortunately, when builders finalize a room, they often do not consider the appropriate sound system for the room. So, when a company tries to use its sound system, the AV system quality is lackluster.

Audio visual technology groups can quickly recognize trouble spots in training and conference rooms. They'll make sure the sound quality is excellent throughout the entire room, and they'll fix video projection issues. Once your new AV system is in place, your conference calls and training sessions will be much smoother and jollier.

Trade floors

There are high stakes on trading floors. Clients expect a smooth and fast transaction. On the operating end, trade team members must have responsive and accurate AV equipment.

Client calls must remain clear and have a stable connection. Further, the trade team must be able to database all transaction information and securely store the audio.

While this seems like a high stake operation, an expert Houston TX audio visual services group welcomes this challenge. They will design, develop, and implement a system that works smoothly with all your company's needs.

Houston TX audio visual services group

Technology consultants work on more advanced AV systems, like trade centers and command and control centers

Command and control centers

When we call 911, we know someone will answer, and our call won't be dropped. We don't expect it; we know it. That's a tall order for the operators.

However, even more, goes on behind the scenes. For example, a command and control center allows the operator to alert another party while connected to the initial caller. In emergencies, the operator must be able to alert first responders quickly.

Call centers also securely database audio recordings and broad details. However, the call center is more action-based, so the database may not be as complex as a trade center.

An expert AV engineer knows the difference between AV system needs for a trade center versus a command and control center. So they craft a custom solution for each call center and make sure it fits the company's needs.

Hospitality and retail

Stores and the hospitality industry often use audio-visual consultants to create ideal digital signage. Examples of digital signage can range from simple digital billboards and information signs to more complex communication systems that include customer agreements.

How do I choose the best Houston TX audio visual services group?

Not all technology consulting companies are stellar. The greatest AV consultants use a specific approach to exceed customer expectations.


Some consulting companies want to be in charge of the entire project, period. So they don't really want your company involved in the decision-making.

However, a consulting company makes an AV solution is for your company. So, the consulting company should jump at the opportunity to work with your internal IT group. That way, you can rest assured that your new project meets all internal standards.

In addition, a consulting firm should let you decide how much work you want them to do. Perhaps you only want them to design a solution because your IT team is more than capable of implementing a great idea.

On the other hand, maybe you need a designer, developer, and implementer. Or maybe somewhere in between. No matter what your company needs, the consulting firm should deliver the services that you choose.

Project management

There are multiple aspects to good project management.

  • Team lead: Will the consulting group takes charge of the entire project? Are they going to call outside vendors for you, or will that be your responsibility?
  • One contact: How many consulting project managers will work with you? Is the consulting company going to appoint a designated project manager? If not, your project may drag out a lot longer than you want.
  • In the loop: How often will you receive updates on your project's status? Every company has a deadline, and the audio video consultants should meet yours.


The big day arrives. It's time to take your solution live! But the consulting firm comes back and says that they need to shut down your current system while they make the transfer.

Well, that isn't good for business. A lot of critical events can occur in even one minute. You could miss a potential client's call.

That's why the best AV consulting companies implement your solution without canceling out your current service. You'll be able to carry on without missing a beat.


Going live with your solution isn't where you say goodbye to the consulting company. On the contrary, the best consulting firms will continually follow up with your company to ensure the project is still operating as it should.

In addition, if there is a problem with your project, your consultants should be willing to step up right away and fix it. Further, they should offer a maintenance program to make sure your AV system gets the custom care it needs.

Houston TX audio visual services group

CAS offers the best Houston TX audio visual services group

Call CAS for complete AV services

Our expert engineers develop creative solutions for trading turret systems, command and control centers, IT relocation, data center buildouts, conferencing room design, and more. We serve the energy, education, legal, health care, finance, and more industries.

Our mission is to build long-term customer relationships by providing high-quality, custom audio-visual solutions. In addition, we aim for service that exceeds our client expectations.

The next time you're searching for the best Houston TX audio visual services group, we hope you'll call CAS.

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