Houston TX av conference room

If you need some help resolving sound or video issues in your Houston TX av conference room, give the experts at CAS a call. We offer complete technology consulting services, including audio-visual solutions.

Houston TX av conference room

Virtual meetings can quickly turn sour when your audio-visual equipment stops working. An AV expert can get you back on track

Common Houston TX av conference room issues

You've probably had the lovely experience of attending a conference call where technology seemed to be on strike. There was constant static, the video lagged, the projector kept flickering in and out, and your team just about had it. Hopefully, this wasn't while you were hosting a critical client meeting.

We often hear clients ask whether we expect sound and video issues because technology isn't perfect. Of course, we should expect systems to age, but we should not feel that system failures are inevitable.

Audiovisual consultants can prevent and minimize most problems with your sound and video system. In fact, an AV expert can resolve almost all problems with video conferencing systems.

What do audiovisual consultants do?

AV consultants are up to date on the latest and greatest gadgets. However, unless AV engineering is your day job, it can be very hard to keep up with the latest technology releases. As a result, many people may not realize how dated their control system is.

Technology consultants can quickly tell you why your audiovisual system is acting up. You may need a simple fix, such as updating your software or replacing a concealed, broken cord. On the other hand, you may be facing a more complex issue.

Here are some common reasons AV systems don't work the way they should:

Your team likes different solutions

Everyone has different preferences, so it's not surprising to hear different departments like different communication methods. However, if your company uses more than one AV system to host meetings, it could wreak havoc when you get to the meeting room.

Your local Houston TX av conference room consultant can determine the best type of AV system for your company. They can talk a look at your company goals and suggest a solution that fits every department's needs.

Then, they'll implement it, and you'll all experience much more productive and jolly video conferencing meetings.

Your wires need to retire from the workforce

These days, we like to bury connection cables and cords. We shove them in tables, behind walls, really anywhere we can to tuck them out of sight. We get it! A plethora of exposed looks sloppy, and no one wants to trip over loose cords.

However, we've introduced an entirely new problem by hiding connection cords: you may not notice broken cords. Sure, you can see when the cord you attach to your laptop doesn't turn on correctly or is broken, but what about the wires in the ceiling? Someone needs to check those, too.

Your system is sporting application versions from the 60s

Software updates are an annoying but crucial component of a healthy device. As much as we like to click, Update Later, we need to resist the temptation. Keeping up with updates and other maintenance tasks helps prevent outages during meetings.

Most AV consultants provide maintenance services. They inspect your cables, software, and other components to make sure everything is running smoothly. Further, when the time comes to upgrade your system, you'll know before an outage occurs.

Houston TX av conference room

Sometimes your AV system needs a minor upgrade, but it's possible your team needs a more advanced solution

Your solution isn't quite what it should be

Sometimes getting all team members on the same page isn't enough. You may need a more advanced system that has all the features your company needs.

Most of the time, off-the-shelf solutions don't cut it. For example, the database may be too broad, the recording system is insufficient, etc. So you end up trying to pick a solution that isn't ideal.

However, AV consultants can create a custom solution. They'll meet with you to discuss your specific needs, look at what you're currently using, design a solution, and implement it.

What should I look for when choosing an AV consultant?

The best audio video consultants have experience with multiple technologies, are up-to-date on the latest tech, manage your project completely, and implement your solution without interrupting your current service. Here are some qualities to look for when selecting an AV consultant.

Expertise: Do they only work on conference rooms, or do they also help with trading floors, control centers, data centers, clouds, and more? Companies that work in more than one area tend to offer the best solution because these days, everything is integrated.

Services: How flexible is the AV consulting firm? Will they design, program, and implement your solution, or merely come up with a solution that your company implements? Are they willing to meet you halfway and work with your IT to create your new system? The company should be willing to follow your preferences.

Project management: When it comes to handling the project, who will be the point of contact? Will you have to handle calls to the vendors, or will the consulting company take care of that for you? Is the contact person going to change every day, or will they provide a committed project manager? Basically, how personalized and thorough will your service be?

Delivery: How will they implement your solution? Will they relocate your team members and do so without interrupting your current AV system? A technology consulting firm should implement your solution and migrate your users without interfering with your company's daily tasks.

Houston TX av conference room

CAS will design the best Houston TX av conference room for your team

CAS is your conference room consult

At CAS, we deliver high-quality, customized, and creative solutions for all technology consulting projects. We provide complete services, including optimizing conference room audio and video media; designing and implementing trade turret systems and command and control centers; performing data center buildouts; relocating trade floor IT users; performing maintenance, and more.

We have extensive experience developing optimized AV systems for conference rooms and training rooms. We work with you to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. CAS also offers protective maintenance care, so your AV system continues to work when you need it most.

The next time you're looking for help with your Houston TX av conference room, we hope you'll give us a call.

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