Houston TX AV Consulting

If you've been looking for a company that offers Houston TX AV Consulting, look no further than CAS. For years, we have been offering quality AV solutions to corporations all over Houston. With that in mind, you can trust we have the knowledge and expertise to help you tackle your audio-video problems. There are various reasons why you're system may be running into issues. No matter the cause, you can trust the CAS experts will be there to help. Call us today to schedule your system assessment.

Houston TX AV Consulting

Ensure your next webinar or conference call runs smoothly by calling the experts at CAS.

Audio-visual technology can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don't have much experience with it. Screens can freeze, the network can disconnect, and weak signals can cause the quality to dip. If you have experienced any of these issues with your AV system, don't wait before getting in touch with the experts at CAS.

Running into problems such as these is not only frustrating, it can also cause many problems for your event, meeting, or conference. It can be incredibly time-consuming and slow down your productivity. This is the last thing we want you to experience. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients and ensure we design a system tailored to them.

Reach out to our team today to schedule an assessment of your audio and visual equipment. We are proud to be your first choice for Houston TX AV Consulting.

How CAS Can Help

Although it can be a very helpful tool, technology can also be the cause of various problems. As so many things can go wrong, we don't expect our clients to share the exact same concerns. That is why we never offer the same solutions. Instead, we tailor our services to you and your company. So, no matter what AV problems you are experiencing, you can rely on the friendly experts at CAS.

When you partner with us, we will offer you a three-step plan to tackle your audio visual concerns. This plan consists of the following:

  • assessing your current AV system to determine the issues and what is required to transform your current set-up into a reliable and high-functioning AV system.
  • Designing a solution that is catered to your needs and will leave your current problems in the past.
  • Integrating the desired solution seamlessly as to not cause any issues with your current set-up.

If this sounds like the solution you've been looking for, reach out to our team today. The CAS engineers will design a high-quality solution for your AV needs that integrates perfectly with your work. What's more, we will take the layout and design of your conference room or trading floor into consideration to ensuring we're providing you with the most ideal and efficient set-up.

We understand it can be hard to find quality audio and visual consultancy services in Houston, and we're aiming to change that. If you want to work with a company that wants the best for your business, call CAS today!

Houston TX AV Consulting

CAS proudly offers reliable and efficient Houston TX AV Consulting.

Houston TX AV Consulting

CAS is proud to offer some of the most high-quality AV solutions in the Greater Houston area. These types of systems prove invaluable in a number of industries and corporations. However, this is only when they function as they're supposed to. If your system is acting up, it may be more trouble than it's worth. That is why CAS is here to provide your desired solutions.

When you work with CAS, our team will either update your current system or design and integrate a brand-new system that will no longer cause you any hassle. With our expert engineers on your side, you can trust your AV system will be running as efficiently and smoothly as it should. No longer will you run into the frustration of having your screen freeze during a webinar or low audio levels on conference calls.

Put your AV troubles in the past by working with the experts at CAS.  We provide unique solutions to every client to ensure we tackle their individual problems. With that in mind, there's no other company to trust with your Houston TX AV Consulting.

You shouldn't let your failing system get in the way of your productivity, contact CAS today, and we'll get to the problem of all of your AV troubles!

Audio Visual Solutions in Houston, Texas

If you've been searching for quality AV solutions for your conference rooms, trading floors, or meeting rooms, know that CAS is here to help. Our project services entail four different stages; designing, programming, managing, and implementing.


When you initially get in touch with our team, we will schedule an assessment of your current AV system. During this assessment, our expert technicians will review the hardware, programming, and user experience of your current system along with the issues it is currently exhibiting.

From there, our team will develop and create an AV solution that will combat the current issues present in your equipment/system.

Houston TX AV Consulting

Our talented team has years of experience working with a range of software and hardware!


This aspect of our project services entails our team revamping your system to ensure it works seamlessly every time. Our skilled engineers will work alongside you to develop a code to ensure you never run into the same old problems.


Our team here at CAS isn't satisfied unless you are. That is why we guide our clients through the entire process. More than that, we offer comprehensive project management to ensure you don't re-encounter the very issues you hired us to fix. With a dedicated team like ours on your side, you'll never have to worry about the quality of your AV system.

As previously mentioned, we aren't happy unless you are. Consequently, you can trust we'll provide nothing less than the best!


Once our team has designed the right solution for you, we will then seamlessly integrate it into your business. What's more, we will carry out thorough tests of your system to ensure it is running exactly as it should.

If you're ready to work with a team of AV specialists that have your best interest in mind, call CAS today. You won't find better options when you're looking for Houston TX AV Consulting.

Houston Fun Facts:

  • The city was briefly the capital of Texas.
  • Westheimer Road holds 1500 restaurants alone.
  • Houston is home to one of the tallest buildings in Texas.
  • To learn more about Houston, visit today.

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