Houston TX av room

Do you need help designing your Houston TX av room? Call the experts at CAS Inc.! Our engineers have extensive experience designing and developing audio visual solutions for conference and training rooms.

What is an audio visual engineer?

Audio visual (AV) engineers usually work for a technology consulting company. They specialize in resolving and preventing issues with AV systems.

In addition, they are expert AV room designers.

Houston TX av room

Audio visual consultants work on sound and video systems for conference rooms, trade floors, command and control centers, and more

Who uses AV consulting companies?

Multiple industries use AV or technology consultants. You'll often find AV designers working with schools, offices, trading companies, and control centers.


Schools want to reach their students more than ever these days. With most students using smart devices and watching television before turning 1, teachers know the best way to reach students is through technology.

However, technology from the days of the horse and cart isn't going to cut it. And the schools know that. However, many schools are on a tight budget and think they cannot upgrade their tech without busting the bank.

The truth is, a stellar AV engineer can find the best audio visual system for a school's budget. Here are some popular upgrades:


Projectors from the 1970s are sure to put students to sleep in a heartbeat. Students often enjoy the smart boards because the boards are basically a projection of a giant tablet. And they look cool, so win-win.

Digital projectors

Realistically, though, a smartboard is often out of budget. The next best choice is definitely moving to a digital projection. Simple solutions are connecting a laptop to a drop screen projector. However, there are projectors that are a happy medium between a full-on smartboard and simple digital projection.

Sound systems

Speakers in the auditorium won't last forever. Further, microphones today sound far less static and can come in many forms. An expert AV consultant can help choose the best sound upgrade within a school's budget.


AV engineers work on conference room and training room sound solutions. Both have similar issues.

Conference rooms

Video conferencing can be painful. Flashing projectors make you wonder whether you'll have a seizure. Static can make you want to plug your ears. Not to mention the persistent low-volume caller.

Many clients believe they should expect poor sound and video during conference calls. However, a skilled AV engineer can resolve most AV quality issues in a snap. They'll create the best Houston TX av room at a budget-friendly price.

Common problem areas include:

  • Teams using different solutions--If your team is using different systems, you may experience compatibility issues.
  • Broken components--Sure, you can tell when an exposed connector needs to be replaced. But, you may need to replace a cable buried in the wall.
  • Ancient technology--Those software updates won't take care of themselves. Thankfully, an AV technician can perform your critical update maintenance. In addition, they'll let you know when it's time to replace your AV system.
Houston TX av room

When AV systems break down, call a consulting firm and get back on track

Training rooms

Your new hires are all ready for the presentation. They take their seats. You try to begin the conferencing system, and...it fails to start.

Meeting rooms have many specific needs. You have to have great audio all around the room, and the video connection must be flawless throughout your presentation.

AV consultants are well aware of common training room pitfalls. They can quickly let you know the trouble spots in your room. In fact, they specifically design audio visual systems based on your room's specific needs.

Sound masking

Another growing area of interest is sound masking. Your team may struggle to concentrate if a coworker is hosting a conference call in the adjacent office. Plus, it's crucial to keep confidential information well, confidential.

Many companies hire audio visual consultant to create more privacy. Thin office walls won't cut it. However, an audio visual engineer can design an efficient and budget-friendly solution.

Trade Companies and Call Centers

Both trade companies and call centers have similar needs. They need a clear, stable connection with callers, and they must be able to record and store the audio.

However, a call center also needs the ability to alert a secondary party. For example, when you call 911, the operator must speak with you while alerting first responders. So, they require designer command and control systems.

On the other hand, trade companies need advanced database features. They have to be able to record and securely store a lot of details about each transaction.

Audio visual engineers are experts at designing, developing, and implementing advanced audio visual systems such as trade floors and command and control centers. In addition, they will transfer your team to the new system without disrupting your current service.

What are the best companies for designing a Houston TX av room?

The best AV consulting firms have many things in common.


Your audio visual consultant should be happy to consult and work directly with your internal IT organization. That way, you can be sure the consulting firm's solution matches your company's policies to a T.

Project management

Who is going to head this massive undertaking? The best audio visual consultants don't just keep you in the loop every step of the way; they also lead the project. So, you'll be able to focus on more important things, like running your business.

In addition, they should assign a single engineer to your project. It's more than just convenient to have one point of contact; it's time-saving. If you constantly have to update new people, your project will draw out longer than you want.


A top consulting firm takes your new AV system live without interrupting your current service. Further, they follow up with you post-production to ensure your new AV system fulfills all your needs.

Houston TX av room

Be it a large gathering or complex trade floor, give CAS a call for expert help with your Houston TX av room

Choose CAS

Communications Advisory Service (CAS) provides complete telecommunication services. Our engineers are excited to start your new project, be it a designer conference call and training rooms to developing and implementing complex trade floors, command and control centers, and data center buildouts.

The next time you need help crafting the perfect Houston TX av room, we hope you'll give CAS a call.

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