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If you're wondering what an AV specialist is and what they do, CAS is here to help. Let's look at some common questions we see about audiovisual consulting.

Houston TX av solutions

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What is audiovisual consulting?

Audiovisual (AV) consultants are up-to-date on the latest technology and help clients with audio-video equipment and software problems. They perform basic tasks like fine-tuning microphones, planning audio and video needs for big events, and maintenance equipment. In addition, they perform system design and system integration.

To start, your consultant will ask about what problems you're having with your audio and video system. They'll also look at your existing AV system. Then, the AV consultant will develop a solution for optimizing your audio and visual systems.

When would I need a consultant for a Houston TX av solutions?

Companies often request audiovisual solutions for troubleshooting conferencing calls, planning large-scale events, standardizing systems, developing new systems, updating existing systems, and performing maintenance.

Your video conferencing quality is terrible

Few things are worse than a virtual meeting with horrible audio-video quality. If you often deal with static, glitches, a bad connection, or meeting disconnections, it may be time to call an AV consultant.

While many companies believe that poor audio and visual quality are normal issues that everyone has to deal with, the truth is you don't have to. Audio and video quality can be drastically improved with the help of an AV consultant.

Your AV consultant may need to update or debug your software. Or maybe you need to fix some incompatibility issues, like your headset not playing nicely with your software.

Audiovisual experts know everything about the latest conference room AV technology. They can quickly determine and fix your system's problem. And your team will be much happier hearing and seeing team members clearly.

You're hosting a webinar

We're all familiar with how big of a headache it is to schedule a virtual team meeting. Besides coordinating with team schedules, you have to ensure everyone involved has access to the same communication platform. Then there's starting the meeting itself, which always seems to end up more of a hassle than expected.

But what about scheduling a giant webinar or live broadcast? That's a whole new level of stress. You may wonder if your broadcasting technology can handle such a massive event.

AV consultants are the Jedi masters of these events. They'll discuss what your meeting goals are and come up with the best AV solution for your event.

In addition, most AV companies will start the meeting for you, so when it's time for the big day, your AV system will deliver on time and impress all who attend.

Your company isn't all on the same page

Are you and your team members using the same communication platform? What about your department versus other departments?

Not all departments need the same audio and visual features. So, departments often end up using different audio and visual technology.

Unfortunately, if departments are using two different platforms, the technology may not mesh. This can make interdepartmental communication more difficult. In some cases, the departments may not even be able to communicate.

Cue the AV consultant. They can see what kind of audio and visual technology your company needs as a whole. Then, they'll design an AV solution that works for everyone.

Sometimes, you may only need to move some users to the system the rest of the company is using. However, you may need a specialized AV system. Either way, your AV consultant will make sure your users successfully relocate to the new communication system.

Houston TX av solutions

Houston TX av solutions

You would like a specialized solution

Has your company struggled to find a communication platform that actually satisfies all your needs? Maybe the audio and visual quality is excellent, but the database features are too broad. Maybe you need a simple communication system with recording capabilities, but all the available AV systems don't offer quality recordings.

This is another area that AV consultants excel. Their engineers can design a unique platform for your company. Then, they'll implement your Houston TX av solutions.

Your AV system needs some TLC

Audio and video equipment needs regular maintenance. This includes basic tasks like fixing broken cords and updating software. However, these fixes make a huge difference in performance.

Regular maintenance prevents outages during, say, a video conferencing call with a high-profile client. So, call your local AV consultant and get your system maintenance.

You need to train new team members

Your training schedule is all set. You've tested the microphone and laptop connection. But the day of training comes, and...your projection won't load.

Training is critical, but it can cost your company a lot of money if the AV system fails. That's where an AV consultant comes in.

They'll evaluate your training room and equipment and let you know if they see any issues. Plus, many companies will start your training presentation for you, so you're sure to have a smooth start.

Houston TX av solutions

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About CAS

CAS designs and creates unique AV solutions. Our experts have programmed and implemented AV systems for trade floors, command and control centers, and conference rooms.

At CAS, we believe every client deserves the best AV consulting experience possible. That's why we take the time to meet with our clients and listen to their unique needs before we begin designing their solutions.

Our services

We provide both Project and Operational audiovisual services. Our Project Services include creating a new or upgrading a current system's functions. With our Operational Services, CAS will design your webinars or other big events and perform regular AV system maintenance.

Our expert engineers have created state-of-the-art trading floors and command centers for multiple high-profile Energy companies. We will implement your solution without disrupting your current AV system service, and we will keep in touch to make sure our solution continues to meet or exceed your company's goals.

CAS is your audiovisual consultant expert

We value our customers and create tailored solutions. The next time you're searching for the best Houston TX av solutions, we hope you'll give CAS a call.

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