Audio Visual Specialists Downtown

When you searching for the best audio video specialists downtown, give CAS a call. We are located in the heart of downtown Houston and provide complete, high-quality audio video consultation services.

Technology consultants provide many services, including audio visual (AV) consultations. Wondering who they help and what they do? Let's look at some common places where a CAS consultant could come in handy.

audio video specialists downtown

Multiple industries request help from AV consultants. Be it a basic conference room fix or complex trade floor system, an AV engineer is the way to go

What companies use audio-video specialists?

Many industries benefit from audio-visual services. Some common areas where audio visual consulting is helpful are in education, business offices, trading companies, and command and control centers.


Schools really want to reach their students. But with the dawn of the digital age, it gets a little tricky. So, schools are finding ways to update technology and outreach programs.

Technology upgrades

Today, most children over the age of 1 spend at least an hour watching TV or playing with a tablet. Many kids over the age of 4 spend over 4 hours staring at screens.

So, it's no surprise that children struggle to relate to dated technology when they enter school. Like, say, that projector from 1970.

An AV consultant can find upgrades that match both a school's needs and budget. Some schools may opt for a new sound system, while others can go all out and switch to smartboards.

Student outreach

Digital media quickly grabs attention, especially for the younger generation. So when it comes to delivering school messages, many schools go digital.

An audio visual specialist can figure out the best method for reaching students. Most are simple, like a digital billboard or auto text messaging program.


Offices generally want help with sound and video quality during video conferencing and training sessions.

Video conferences

Virtual meetings are one of the least loved parts of being an office worker. The dreaded video conference where you wonder whether today's call will be crystal clear or bombarded with constant static. Unfortunately, many companies believe lagging video and static sound are problems that come with technology.

However, almost all sound and video problems can be drastically improved. In fact, technology consulting companies can resolve most of these problems. All you need is a little help from an AV consultant.

These technology gurus can quickly find and fix the problem with your equipment. By the time your consultant has finished fixing your equipment, you may even look forward to your next conference call.

Training rooms

Training employees is a critical component for making sure companies provide quality customer service. However, training can be expensive. So, companies try to limit the number of training days.

But if the big day comes and there are problems with the presentation equipment, companies may have to postpone or even cancel training. An AV consultant can look at you're room's setup and choose the right audio visual system.

Technology consultants know how to prevent common problems in training rooms, like poor sound quality, failing projectors, and lost virtual meeting connections. In fact, one of their jobs is to design and install high-quality training room equipment.

audio video specialists downtown

Trade floors need complex AV solutions

Trading companies

A lot happens on trading floors. The first picture that comes to mind is Wallstreet. Chaos reigns over the floor.

Team members need to take calls, complete transactions, and document every customer, price, date, etc. Trading companies need advanced audio visual solutions.

A trade AV system must have a reliable call center, but they also need a database. Further, they have to record and securely store audio recordings.

That's a lot to deliver, but audio visual specialists are the magicians of trade AV systems. They design, develop, implement a trade AV solution and make sure all users move to the new system.

Command and control centers

Even the term command and control sounds complex. That's because it truly is. While command and control centers work almost exactly like trading systems, a command and control center needs to be even more sophisticated.

For example, when someone calls 911, the emergency call center must have a stable and clear connection. In addition, they need to be able to speak to the caller and alert first responders. Lastly, they have to record the audio and database it.

Your local audio video specialists downtown will design a flawless system for command and control centers.

Large gatherings

Imagine planning the sound and video system for a webinar or special event. You would have to know everything about the latest technology because you would need to choose the right AV system to handle the job.

However, there are so many options on the market. Most companies don't have the time to research everything they may need for such an event.

Further, they'd have to set all the equipment up.
If there's an in-house AV expert, the company would have no problem getting the event off the ground. However, if they do not have one, they may want to consider hiring some helping hands.

An AV company won't just tell you what you need for your event. They'll make sure you have all the equipment long before your big day and set all the equipment up for you. Plus, many consultants offer their clients a smooth start, where they will come out and start the audio and video equipment for you.

audio video specialists downtown

From basic conference room needs to advanced trade floor systems, CAS is your Houston audio video specialists downtown

About Us

CAS provides technology consulting services to Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. We serve many industries, including energy, education, legal, financial, healthcare, and more.

We are the best Houston audio video specialists downtown

CAS always provides tailored solutions for all audio video media, including video conferencing, trade floors, command and control centers, data center buildouts, maintenance, and more. We have significant experience creating trade floors and command centers, as well as IT infrastructure relocation.

Our expert engineers stay up to date on all the latest technology. We create and implement your audio visual projects and make sure you are fully satisfied with your solution.

The next time you're looking for the best audio video specialists downtown, we hope you'll call CAS.

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