Audio Visual Engineer 77010

Do you need an expert audio visual engineer 77010? Look no further than Communications Advisory Service. We offer comprehensive audio visual consulting services, from conference room systems to trade floors.

Who do AV consultants serve?

You'll find AV technicians anywhere there is an audio and video system. They frequently work for educational systems, businesses, healthcare companies, and more.

audio visual engineer 77010

Technology consulting companies offer an array of sound and video system services, from conference rooms to trade floors and more.


Schools want to reach their students, but they know they need some serious technology upgrades. Most children are using smart devices or watching television before they turn 1 year old, so they're well versed in modern tech before kindergarten.

Projectors: That yellow projector from the 1970s is out of date. Many teachers use projector systems that are digital. However, schools with a larger budget are opting for more high-tech solutions like smartboards.

Sound systems: The speakers and mics in the gym or auditorium won't last forever. Further, schools need to update mics from those bulky, unreliable microphones to today's slim, crystal clear quality mics.

PA systems: Many schools use a communication system that includes both a telephone and an intercom. The phone system allows teachers to call the front office with more privacy should a student fall ill or need to be sent to the office.

Digital signage: Those billboards and posters along the wall are boring. Say some students. To quickly attract attention, most schools now use digital sign out front that presents the latest news, awards, and other announcements.

Many schools are on a tight budget and need help figuring out the best upgrade for their budget. An AV consulting firm is up to date with the latest market solutions, so they can help schools choose the most affordable audio visual system.


There are two main areas that the healthcare system is working on upgrading these days: virtual visits and waiting rooms.

Virtual visits

With the rise of COVID came the virtual appointment. For many patients, this was a long-awaited welcome. However, creating the digital appointment is not as simple as we think for multiple reasons.

First, doctors have to ensure they are following all privacy laws. In addition, they need a secure connection and a way to database patient information. Of course, they'll also need to make sure the overall connection remains reliable and clear.

An audio visual engineer can make sure they have the right equipment to conduct virtual appointments. While a doctor could squint at a tiny laptop screen to see you, it's far more convenient for doctors to use a big screen.

Waiting room

Patient waiting rooms are under a transformation these days. With people becoming less and less interested in staring at the walls and more interested in their phones, doctors have a unique problem.

First, technically, you are not supposed to use your phone while you're at the doctor's office. This is because of patient confidentiality. If you accidentally snap a pic of Jimmy from finance at your doctor's office, the doctor doesn't want to be held legally responsible.

Second, doctors want to get the patient's attention. Patients rarely read (or enjoy reading) paper posters and brochures. Further, some studies suggest the posters make patients even more nervous.

So, to help prevent boredom and spice things up a bit, doctors are installing TVs in their waiting rooms. Some offices just keep the televisions for entertainment purposes. For example, you can catch the latest soap opera or overly dramatic movie on a cable station.

However, doctors also use waiting room television as a way to give educational information to patients. Further, the TV can be used to remind patients of upcoming events and alerts.

An audio visual engineer 77010 can help determine the right audio visual system for a doctor's office. They'll follow budget items and internal privacy standards. Plus, they'll make sure the sound system is just right.

audio visual engineer 77010

Virtual meetings and appointments require specialized audio video equipment.


Generally, you'll find the most common use for an AV engineer is in conference room creation. However, there are some more complex systems that certain businesses need.

Conference rooms

We've all been to a virtual meeting that had excessive static and lagging video. Or the one where the projector went on strike. They can be a pain for many team members, and so much so that virtual meetings are avoided.

However, audio visual engineers can resolve most issues, like poor sound quality, flickering projectors, and etc. Further, an AV expert can design a custom audio visual system for your room. That way, you can be sure the technology works exactly the way it should.

Trade systems and command and control centers

Trade floors and command and control centers have a number of features in common. Both require a stable, clear connection with the caller and the ability to database the audio recording and basic information.

Trade systems will need a more robust database, while command and control centers need a more sophisticated controlling system. For example, trade team members must be able to database much more information regarding transaction details. On the other hand, a command and control center must be able to alert another party of a certain need.

Who is the best Houston, Texas audio visual engineer 77010?

The best audio visual consulting firms have three things in common:

  1. Flexible: They will work with your IT organization to make sure they follow internal standards. Further, they will take on as much of the project as you want.
  2. Project managers: When it comes to leading, the consulting firm will be at the forefront. They will call vendors, keep you up to date, and be in constant contact with any IT organization you've requested.
  3. Follow up: A good AV consulting company doesn't just stop after the solution goes live. They follow up with you to make sure the solution they gave you is stellar.
audio visual engineer 77010

When you need an audio visual engineer 77010, give the experts at CAS Inc. a call.

About us

CAS has years of experience providing complete audio visual services for conferencing rooms, trade floors, command and control centers, data centers, and more. We create custom, unified communications systems and are with you every step of the way.

We hope the next time you're looking for the best audio visual engineer 77010, you'll give us a call.

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