Houston TX audio design and service

Do you need an expert Houston TX audio design and service company? Call CAS today for a creative solution. Our expert engineers design, build and implement multiple types of audiovisual solutions.

What is an audiovisual specialist?

Audiovisual (AV) team members work with sound and video equipment. Specifically, they resolve current issues and design new systems that align more closely with the company's needs.

Generally, an AV specialist is a team member at a technology consulting company. Their teams usually offer more than just sound system adjustments and design. They'll often develop data centers and complex call centers.

Houston TX audio design and service

AV specialists design, upgrade, and fix sound and video systems

Who uses an audiovisual specialist?

Usually, businesses hire AV consultants. However, they work in every industry that needs audio and video equipment. So, you'll find them pretty much everywhere.


Schools know that using digital media is the best way to reach kids. However, schools often face difficulties when trying to upgrade their AV system.

For one, it's not easy to pick the best solution unless you're an audio video guru. In addition, most schools are on a tight budget, so they can't just pick any system they want.

Thankfully, hero AV specialists are available. They're up to date with the technology and will select the best option for your school.

What would a school update?

Remember staring at that projector from the ether and watching your teacher wheel in that giant TV? Those devices definitely won't cut it in the classroom today. Schools may opt to upgrade many systems, including:

  • Projectors (switching to smartboards)
  • Gym or auditorium sounds systems
  • PA system
  • TVs

Not all of these items will be in a school's budget, but an expert Houston TX audio design and service can quickly help a school choose the right solution.

Business offices

Conference calls can be painful to both listen to and watch. There may be static, the projector may repeatedly flicker or turn off, a laptop may not connect properly, the recording may suddenly stop working, etc.

An audiovisual expert can fix all of these issues. They commonly help businesses create improved conference rooms and training rooms.

Conference room

When the static and video lag hit, it's time to fight back. However, the reason you're having technical trouble can vary. So, it's best to call in a specialist. However, AV engineers commonly see:

Broken components: Untuned microphones, frayed cables in the wall, flickering projector lights, etc., all are out to ruin your meeting.

Different AV systems: It's no secret that hardware and software don't always get along. In fact, some brands are utterly incompatible with their competitor. So, if your team uses different solutions, an audiovisual engineer can move everyone to the same system. Your sound and audio system will be much more user-friendly.

Outdated software: All those software update notifications are part of maintenance. It's essential to update the hardware on time. An audiovisual expert can perform your routine care and keep you in the loop about when it's time to upgrade your system.

Houston TX audio design and service

From more basic conferencing room tech to complex trade floors, an AV expert will design the perfect solution

Training rooms

Companies spend a lot of money on training new team members. It's a critical element to success. However, audio-visual equipment in training rooms likes to act up.

Every training room layout is different. So, the sound and video needs for each room will be different. If your IT team installs the wrong equipment for your room, your audiovisual system will be lackluster.

That's where the audiovisual expert comes in. They are well versed in room designs and can point out problem areas before you run into issues.

They'll design an AV system that fits your training room.

Command and control centers

One place you'll need a very tailored AV system is in a command and control center. For example, an emergency call center needs a clear and reliable signal. In addition, they need to get in touch with first responders while they're on the phone with the caller.

However, there is yet another critical feature command and control centers need: a data center. They need to record all calls and securely store them, just in case a court needs them later.

Creating a command and control center seems like a tall order, but designing them is what AV engineers live for.

Trading floors

Like command and control centers, a trading floor needs a clear and stable connection and the ability to record and store calls. However, their database system would need to be more sophisticated, so there is a difference in the products. A good engineer recognizes the differences and creates a custom solution for you.

What should I look for in a Houston TX audio design and service?

Audiovisual consulting companies should have four main characteristics:

  1. They have expertise in many areas. An AV company should be able to do more than just setting up an audio video system. Devices connect to everything these days--cloud applications, other devices, cars, etc. The more they know technology, the better results you'll receive.
  2. They handle the details. Project management should be their middle name. They should call vendors for you and assign one engineer to your project. That way, you can quickly get updates and focus on your company's goals.
  3. They don't incite chaos. When it comes time to put your solution into motion, the consulting firm should do so without shutting your current system down. In addition, they should be able to move your users to the new platform instead of leaving you hanging.
  4. They play nicely with your team. Not every company needs an AV consultant to work directly with their team. However, a technology consulting firm should be willing to coordinate with your organization, not just work with their team members. That way, you'll be sure your solution has all your company's standards.
Houston TX audio design and service

CAS offers the best Houston TX audio design and service

Call the experts for your project

CAS will design, develop, and implement your new AV system. Our technicians have extensive experience crafting state-of-the-art conference and training rooms, command and control centers, and trading systems. We perform data center buildouts and relocate users without disrupting your current service.

The next time you need the best Houston TX audio design and service, we hope you'll give CAS a call.

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