The Difference Between Cisco and Aruba

Network systems are a fundamental part of any businesses' infrastructure. Businesses have to determine which data centers, clouds, and cabled and wireless networks are the best solutions for their requirements. The wireless options allow for future expansion and a wider range of freedom even in a condensed space. There are several options available on the market, with the top two contenders being Cisco and Aruba.

The Difference Between Cisco and Aruba

You should weigh the pros and cons between Cisco and Aruba networks before deciding.

A vast majority of companies choose Cisco Wireless networks. It remains the undisputed leading solution in the wireless access network market. However, Cisco may not be the best fit for every business model. A popular alternative to Cisco is Aruba.

They are both networks that allow companies to improve user experience through wireless devices. Most users agree both Cisco and Aruba networks are reliable, stable, and scalable. However, both have certain features that work better in different situations.

The Difference Between Cisco & Aruba Wireless Networks

  • Cisco Networks

Some of Cisco's most valuable features include its functions, security, and easy management. Most users also mention that Cisco has good application visibility, control integration for other analysis software, and easy configuration. Between the two systems, Cisco networks lack fewer things, which is why it is the more popular choice.

However, most of its users state that sometimes the network and software can be clunky. Others also wish the Cisco products have cloud-based support and management. A few others also wish to see some AI capabilities and a dashboard with the system.

  • Aruba Networks

On the other hand, most Aruba users enjoy its role-based safeguards, pleasing GUI, and client match. It is also easy to deploy APs, has good reporting features, and is easy to implement and manage. It also has MAC caching, Airwave, and visual RF maps. Those on an Aruba system report an overall excellent user experience.

Although most Aruba users enjoy its overall features, there are reports that some of its updates can be buggy. Some also say that it could benefit from better visibility. Not to mention, some of its access points don't include the chargers.

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The Difference Between Cisco and Aruba

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Before choosing a solution, it is best to research the various products that each solution has. Both Aruba and Cisco have several product lines. A cursory glance may give you a better impression of one over the other. However, one of the product lines you glanced over could be the specific solution that you need.

To hear all of your options, speak to the experts. With years of experience in the field, the professionals at Communications Advisory Service can answer any questions you may have. When you request our services, we will optimize every aspect of your project. Our expertise includes multiple networks, including Cisco and Aruba.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help with your network solutions. Or visit our office to experience our solutions yourself. Our experts are more than happy to go over the difference between Cisco and Aruba network solutions.

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